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Living Well with Chronic Conditions

The primary focus of the workshop is to improve the physical and emotional health of participants, and to help them manage all the symptoms that are associated with a chronic disease.

We teach

These are skills many participants already have, but because of their chronic condition they’ve become too overwhelmed to use them. We just get these skills to surface so they can live their lives and really function again. It’s also a good workshop for caregivers as well.

When I saw the power of this program to change lives, I presented it to AAMC, and they immediately said, “We need this program here.” It is a dream to be able to have the program at AAMC, to have their support, to be able to use the beautiful facilities and all the resources. It’s a wonderful partnership. Pam Toomey can be reached at 410-222-4366, ext. 3057, or

Updated 12-20-2011