Interventional radiology: A half century of innovation

by jmiller on May 13, 2015

“The evolution of modern interventional radiology beganover half century ago with a simple question. Was it possible to use the same diagnostic imaging tools that had revolutionizedthe practice of medicine to guide the real-time treatment of disease? This disruptive concept … learn more

Recent advances in brain and spine imaging

by jmiller on May 12, 2015

Advanced MR imaging techniques have found extensive utility in the clinical practice of neuroradiology. A variety of these techniques are incorporated into imaging protocols for routine use, specific applications to particular disease entities, or as problem-solving tools on an ad … learn more

Thank you, AAMC Nursing Staff!

by jmiller on May 11, 2015

At the Nurse’s Dinner last week, I had the unexpected pleasure of receiving  the “AAMC Nursing Colleague Excellence Award”.  It is an honor and a privilege to receive this award and to work with such a fabulous nursing staff.  Thank … learn more

What’s the evidence for evidence based medicine?

by jmiller on May 11, 2015

“What’s in a name?  The answer begins with the name, which physicians find both amusing and insulting, as if in the dark ages before EBM, physicians practiced without evidence.  EBM’s power comes in part, from branding. The art and alchemy … learn more

Should patients stop taking aspirin for primary prevention?

by jmiller on May 11, 2015

“In view of current evidence, we do not recommend routinely using aspirin for pimary prevention of cardiovascular disease, even in patients with diabetes mellitus.  The decision must be indificualized on the basis of the patient’s risks of cardiovascular disease and … learn more

Preoperative medical testing in medicare patients undergoing cataract surgery

by jmiller on April 16, 2015

“Routine preoperative testing is not recommended for patients undergoing cataract surgery, because testing neither decreases adverse events nor improves outcomes. Preoperative testing before cataract surgery occurred frequently and was more strongly associated with provider practice patterns than with patient characteristics.  … learn more

New hypertension guidelines: One size fits most?

by jmiller on April 10, 2015

“The report of the panel appointed to the eight Joing National Committee on prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC8) is more evidence-based and focused than its predecessors, outlining a management strategy that is simpler and, in … learn more

Should patients stop taking aspirin for primary prevention?

by jmiller on April 10, 2015

“Based on the current available evidence, the US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a Consumer Update that does not support aspirin for primary prevention and warns patients about the risk of serious bleeding complications.  Moreover, current guidelines and consensus learn more

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