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Celebrating “Donate Life Month” in April

by Medical Staff Office on March 25, 2014

With more than 3,000 Maryland residents waiting for an organ transplant, the need for registered donors is critical. Help us raise awareness for organ and tissue donation and get the facts about becoming a donor. Join us for these events.

Donate Life Flag Raising
Tuesday, April 1, 8am, outside the Southport Eatery
Help us raise awareness about organ donation.

Be Seen in Green
Friday, April 11
Show support of organ, eye and tissue donation by wearing green today.

Organ and Tissue Donation Registration and Information
Tuesday, April 22, All Day, Southport Eatery
Be sure to bring your driver’s license. Can’t make it? Register by visiting

Same-sex and unmarried couples invited to financial planning event on March 29

by Medical Staff Office on March 25, 2014

To help modern families (unmarried and/or same-sex couples) navigate the intricacies of financial and estate planning, the AAMC Foundation will host a complimentary wills and legacy planning event, complete with breakfast, on Saturday, March 29, from 8:30 to 11am. Estate planning attorney Julie Schejbal and wealth planner Jacquelyn Boyer who have experience and specialize in planning for same-sex and unmarried couples, will spend the morning providing advice on the best way to plan for a healthy financial future. Medical staff member David Afzal, DO, has a special interest in providing primary care to the LGBTQ community and will be available to answer any medical questions. >>More

Urgent Care on Kent Island becomes part of AAMC

by Medical Staff Office on March 25, 2014

In February, Urgent Care on Kent Island became part of Anne Arundel Medical Center. It is no longer managed by Johns Hopkins Community Physicians. The same physicians and care providers are providing care. >>More

Alec R-12 Upgrade: “Star Wars” Physician Training Videos

by Medical Staff Office on February 6, 2014

Watch the inpatient physician training video here.

Watch the ambulatory physician training video here.

Alec Release-12 upgrade goes live Feb. 8

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

On February 8, a complete upgrade of the ALEC system will take place. We have been working with our IT department to ensure that this will be a smooth transition in both the acute care setting and ambulatory clinics. All current order sets, documentation customization and any other templates that you have used will not be effected by this upgrade. The downtime expected during the actual upgrade will be quite limited compared to prior upgrades as the IT department is using a new methodology for the software enhancement.

We have devised a series of videos that will serve as the basis for our education regarding any changes in the system. The video’s will be arranged so that topics will be divided into ambulatory and acute care. This should help limit some redundancy and save time. CME’s will be awarded after each video. The videos are mandatory based on a physician’s use of Alec, ambulatory vs. hospital based.

Find the instructions for logging on to HealthStream to complete the training here. You should have received an email from Dave Mooradian, MD, that includes your user ID and password. For further assistance, contact the IS Help Desk at 443-481-5202.

Along with the videos, we will have super users available during the weekend of the upgrade as well as the following week to help with any issues that may arise. They will be strategically placed throughout the hospital for one on one help. This would include the PACU, Clatanoff building, and the Medical Staff Lounge area. Similar support using super users will be available in our outpatient clinics.
The major changes seen in the acute care physician environment will include the following:

  1. Change in Navigators: removal of Admit to ED, Rounding with a switch to Admission, Transfer, Consult and Discharge Navigators
  2. Problem Oriented Charting
  3. Notes Routing
  4. Orders Navigator will change to Mange Order Activity
  5. MAR – providers will be able to view MAR
  6. Evolution of Sign and Hold orders – enables surgeons to clarify when orders should be released.

Changes in the ambulatory environment will include:

  1. Widescreen view
  2. Problem Oriented charting
  3. Metric Dashboards
  4. Meaningful Use objectives
  5. Care Everywhere

Acute coronary syndrome and ST elevation MI: The importance of calling 911

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

Seventy percent of acute coronary syndrome deaths occur outside of the hospital. As an accredited chest pain center, AAMC’s heart team needs your help in educating the public on the importance of calling 911 for suspected heart attack symptoms. Please do not let your patients or their family members drive to the Emergency Department. All local EMS have the ability to administer emergency medications and defibrillation if needed. EMS will transmit a 12-lead ECG directly to the hospital Emergency Department. Eighty-five percent of heart damage occurs within the first two hours of a heart attack. Early symptoms include chest pressure, squeezing or discomfort, anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, a feeling of fullness, and even back pain.

National IV fluid shortage

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

Please be aware that the national shortage on saline solutions for IV infusion continues and is expected to remain for some time. Thank you for your efforts to conserve this product and use alternative approaches whenever possible.

Baxter, our IV Solution vendor, has been experiencing shortages on various IV solutions. This is a national issue affecting all fluid manufacturers. We have been able to receive product intermittently, but it has been under constant watch by Supply Chain, Pharmacy and the Vendor Sales Rep. We may need to reach out to have substitute sizes and products approved at some point. If and when those communications are forwarded out to the end users a timely response will help to ensure that Supply Chain can then obtain the substitute product from the vendor.

Below is a statement from Baxter regarding how they are managing the process:

  • Baxter is producing and filling orders daily but demand is exceeding supply on some codes.
  •  We have taken steps to prevent non-contract customers from ordering product.
  • All other critical codes are being pooled at our large warehouse in NY, Atlanta and Memphis.
  • The most critical supply problem is 2B1324X, normal saline 1000ml. As a result of this shortage, customers are subbing 2B2324X Lactated Ringers and D5W which is now backordered.
  •  The smaller sizes of both codes are now stocked out nationwide.
  •  We anticipate the rolling backorders to continue for a few months but each week brings better inventory levels.

Click here for additional Information.

Hospital supply of Sodium Chloride (0.9NS), Dextrose 5% and alternative IV-fluids s.a. Lactated Ringers may be quickly exhausted.

It is recommended that you:

  •  Conserve IV Fluid prescribing when possible – discontinue unneeded IV fluids early.
  • Consider using oral hydration whenever possible.
  • Use smaller bag sizes with low rate infusions when a full liter isn’t needed.
  • Switch to alternate products to match availability. Consider using alternative fluids such as Ringer’s lactate, dextrose containing solutions or lower concentrations of sodium chloride when your patient’s condition allows.
  • Never use saline irrigation solution for intravenous use.

Supply Chain and Pharmacy will continue to provide updates as the situation changes. Please share this with your teams. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to treat our patients during these shortages.

Heart Month events

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

February is Heart Month and AAMC has many events planned to educate and raise awareness about heart health. Click here for details.

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