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Heart and Vascular Unit Celebrates New Cardiac Catheterization Lab

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

Team members from the Heart and Vascular Unit and the Cardiac Catheterization Lab recently gathered to celebrate the opening of a new catheterization lab as part of the AAMC Heart and Vascular Institute. To date, the AAMC Foundation has raised more than $1 million for the new lab, with a $750,000 donation from the AAMC Auxiliary and support from AAMC’s Philanthropy Council, led by Pat Tate and Pam Batstone. The funds matched a $500,000 bond bill from the State of Maryland.

Research Update: New Options for Treating Prostate Cancer

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

Men with prostate cancer that is resistant to certain treatments and who are at risk for developing advanced disease now have a new option. The AAMC Research Institute is enrolling prostate cancer patients (whose cancer has not yet spread) in a trial testing a novel agent called ODM-1. ODM-1 is a pill that helps to block the production of certain male hormones that stimulate prostate cancer growth. Approximately 1,500 patients world-wide will be randomly assigned to either take ODM-1 or a placebo. The study hopes to fi nd out if the new ODM-1 drug can help keep the disease from spreading in high-risk prostate cancer patients. For more information, contact Elizabeth Egan, RN, clinical research nurse, at

Dr. Joe Moser Retires from AAMC

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

After 40 years of leadership and service, Sr. Vice President of Medical Affairs Dr. Joe Moser is retiring from Anne Arundel Medical Center this November.

Dr. Moser joined our medical staff as an OBGYN in May 1975. He was chief of the OBGYN service from 1986 through 1990, and served as president of the medical staff from 1995 to 1997. In 1997, Dr. Moser became AAMC’s vice president of medical affairs, a position he has held for the last 18 years. In this role, he oversees the peer review process for optimizing patient care, as well as medical staff credentialing, and he is a key leader of the medical staff at the executive level.

As a leader, Dr. Moser is known for his diplomacy, building collaborative relationships with physicians and achieving consensus among staff from varied backgrounds and disciplines. His open-door policy has enabled staff at every level of the organization to reap the benefits of his sage advice on many issues.

Here are just a few of Dr. Moser’s many noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Developed medical staff quality/peer review program combining specialty-specific expert review with centralized multispecialty review committee, including mid-level provider, risk management, and patient advisor representation.
  • Developed and implemented Bioethics Program with bioethicist leadership and clinical core team, and monthly Ethics Educational Forums.
  • Created hospitalist programs, which serve as models for several other Maryland hospitals.
  • Spearheaded AAMC’s original patient safety program including a “blame-free” reporting hotline (x4PTS), medical errors analysis and reduction program, trending, and monitoring.
  • Developed, organized and operationalized medical staff structure utilizing compensated physician department chairs (now full-time employees) for health system administrative roles, operational responsibilities, and medical staff leadership responsibilities.
  • Conceived, developed and operated Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute (AAHSRI), a not-for-profit corporation under the health system with more than 100 active clinical trials and research studies.
  • Developed the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network with AAHS Research Institute as a Charter Affiliate and founding member.
  • Developed hospital program to provide care for health department maternity clinic patients (350 deliveries annually) when academic center withdrew its OB residents
  • Created and implemented an outcomes analysis program, applying data acquisition and statistical analysis to internal quality indicators; program includes EPIC EMR reporting tools and Crimson Analytics Program.
  • Spent 18 nurturing very good relations with a diverse medical staff, which has grown to more than 1,000 members.

Dr. Moser has been an executive team representative to the AAMC Board of Trustees since 1995, and he served on the Pathways Board of Directors from 1997 to 2010.  In 2012, Dr. Moser received the AAMC Medical Staff “Distinguished Service” Award for his contributions to the growth and evolution of our medical staff, and in 2015, he was recognized with the “Pioneer Award” for creating the Research Institute.

During his career, Dr. Moser was active in MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society, serving on their committee on racial and ethics disparities.  Dr. Moser has served on the Boards of the Maryland Health Care Education Institute (MHEI) and chaired their annual Med Staff Leadership and Governance Conference, and advised the Health Care Advisory Board in the formation of their physician leadership programs.

Committed to performance improvement and his own leadership development, Dr. Moser attended Harvard University’s Quality Colloquium, and as a graduate of Leadership Anne Arundel, he has hosted LAA’s health and human services program for the past several years.

Dr. Moser is highly regarded for his compassionate care. Although he stopped practicing as an OBGYN 18 years ago, he continues to receive calls from former patients asking for advice. Many of his peers say with a smile that Dr. Moser has delivered most of the people living in Annapolis, and there is certainly some truth to that!

He has always been devoted to his family: his wife, Dr. Pam Beusch, who was his practice partner and an OBGYN on our medical staff, his children Lora, Michael and Stephanie, and grandchildren Jack and Brooke.

Dr. Moser’s last day is November 30, 2015.  Thanks and congratulations to Dr. Moser for 40 years of leadership and service.

Thank You, Heidi!

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

After 16 years of service, Heidi Katz, supervisor, Physician Relations, has retired. Heidi joined AAMC in 1999 as a marketing associate supporting Health Care Enterprises’ (HCE) physician recruitment efforts (now Physician Enterprise/Anne Arundel Medical Group) and field-based promotion of programs and specialists. She went on to work on the Business Development team for nine years and in Marketing/Communications for seven years. Best wishes, Heidi!

AAMC Heart and Vascular Unit Earns Excellence Award, Highest Ranking

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

The Heart and Vascular Unit was recently recognized with an Excellence through Insight award for “Overall Inpatient Telemetry Patient Experience” for a large hospital by HealthStream, Inc. AAMC was awarded this honor for its commitment to excellence in patient care. To qualify for an award, a hospital must have been a patient experience-tracking client of HealthStream in 2014, scored in the 75th percentile or higher, and surveyed a minimum of 100 patients. AAMC’s Heart and Vascular Unit is the highest ranked unit within HealthStream’s database and exceeded industry standards in patient experience.

AAMC Only Maryland Hospital Named Most Connected by U.S. News & World Report

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

AAMC has been recognized as one of the most connected hospitals for 2015-16 by U.S. News & World Report, the only Maryland hospital to receive this recognition. The U.S. News Most Connected Hospitals list recognizes hospitals whose excellence in patient safety, patient engagement and clinical connectedness improves patient care.

This is not the first time AAMC has been recognized for its electronic connectedness. AAMC has been named six times as one of the national Most Wired™ hospitals and health systems by Hospitals & Health Networks.

“One of the reasons AAMC is recognized for this honor is because of the extensive collaboration among all AAMC departments and for our forward thinking use of technologies, such as our electronic medical record system that assists physicians, nurses and patients to communicate efficiently,” says Barbara Baldwin, AAMC chief information officer.

In response to the changing technological landscape AAMC has shown an adaptability and commitment to staying ahead of the curve:

  • Dashboards: AAMC’s electronic medical records allow for automated population health analytics so reminders are sent to patients with chronic health conditions to have a checkup.
  • Inter-hospital communication: Physicians can view and exchange other facilities’ results and get in contact with patients through email and alerts.
  • Patient portals: AAMC’s MyChart portal enables patients to review their own care results and communicate securely with their care providers for such needs as prescription renewals as well as offering self-management tools for patients with chronic conditions.

To identify the Most Connected Hospitals, U.S. News analyzed dozens of variables spanning three domains of medicine where electronic connectedness came to make a difference to patients. U.S. News assigned domain-specific scores and an overall score to each hospital for which it could obtain data from the most recent AHA Annual Survey Information Technology Supplement, an IT survey that the American Hospital Association administers to hospitals nationwide. Hospitals that earned at least 70 out of 75 points in the 2014 IT survey or 55 out of 61 points in the 2013 survey and also achieved national ranking or high performing recognition in the current edition of Best Hospitals, Best Hospitals for Common Care or Best Children’s Hospitals were recognized as Most Connected Hospitals. In all, 158 hospitals made the Most Connected Hospitals 2015-16 list.

AAMC Appoints New Chief Nursing Officer

by Medical Staff Office on November 20, 2015

Barbara Jacobs, RN, joined Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) as chief nursing officer (CNO). In this position, Jacobs will oversee the next strategic nursing plan and lead patient care and wellbeing initiatives. Jacobs succeeds Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, who will continue as chief operating officer for AAMC.

With almost 40 years of nursing experience, Jacobs joins AAMC from Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, where she served as CNO since 2010. Prior to her time at Suburban, Jacobs was the director of critical care at George Washington University Hospital.

“AAMC is known as a regional leader in providing excellent care,” says Jacobs. “I’m thrilled to join an organization with such a stellar reputation and am excited to work with leaders and staff as we continue to grow.”

Jacobs is the president of the Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives and serves on the Cardiothoracic Critical Care Advisory Board (FACTS-CARE). She is certified in gerontological and critical care nursing and earned her master’s degree from George Washington University.

ICD-10 Countdown: Education Opportunities

by Medical Staff Office on June 24, 2015

While there have been multiple delays, all signs now point to October 1, 2015, for ICD-10 implementation. It is critical that your clinical documentation meet ICD-10 requirements so that we are coding appropriately for billing accuracy, among other reasons. We are providing several opportunities for medical staff education, tools and resources.

Training and Education Opportunities

  • Videos: The following educational video modules have been assigned via HealthStream. Completion of these modules is mandatory for all medical staff members.
    • 1) an ICD-10 introduction video, and
    • 2) a video that discusses ICD-10 and your specialty, as applicable.
  • Be on the lookout for a separate email inviting you to complete these video modules on Healthstream. We hope they will help you understand what clinical documentation specificity is needed in order to meet ICD-10 requirements. Modules include an intro and specialty videos for primary care, cardiology, orthopedics, OB-GYN, pediatrics/neonatology, hospital medicine/critical care, and surgery. CME credits are provided upon completion. In addition to the AAMC videos, vendor partner 3M offers resource videos by specialty.
    • Medical Staff Service Meetings (during already-scheduled meetings)
      • Pathology: August 18
      • Obstetrics: August 19
      • Surgical Oncology: September 8
      • Cardiology: September 10
      • Surgery: September 15
  • Clinical documentation improvement program for inpatient areas: The goal of AAMC’s program is to ensure the patient’s medical record is as complete and accurate as possible. Registered nurses serve as “translators” to providers’ documentation by translating it into diagnoses and terminology while improving the overall quality of documentation in the electronic health record. The team assists with implementing ICD-10 through ensuring accurate coding and by working with providers to improve specificity of diagnosis.
  • Tip sheets by specialty: Find clinical documentation tip sheets for various medical and surgical specialties at


Please take advantage of e-tools we’ve recently adopted, such as problem-oriented charting, diagnosis calculator, and voice-to-text technology. We hope these tools will assist you in improving clinical documentation in anticipation of the ICD-10 implementation on October 1, 2015.

  • Diagnosis Calculator: As of June 9, 2015, a new Diagnosis Calculator tool is available in EPIC. The Diagnosis Calculator allows providers to quickly add the high level of details needed for ICD-10-compliant clinical documentation. The tool prompts providers with a list of choices to help determine the most specific final diagnosis. We hope this tool will assist you in improving clinical documentation in anticipation of the ICD-10 implementation on October 1, 2015.
  • Problem List Calculator: The Problem List Calculator allows inpatient providers to quickly add clinically relevant details to a patient’s problem list. Search for and select a problem list diagnosis as usual, and then use the buttons in the search window, if applicable, to document a more precise diagnosis.
  • Voice-To-Text for Dictation/Transcription: The “Dragon” voice-to-text tool is now available for AAMC inpatient providers. If you aren’t already using it and would like to learn how, please send an email to


As we continue on our journey, look for ongoing communication from me as well as from the AAMC ICD-10 Steering Committee, led by David Mooradian, MD.


For more information, please contact:

  • Inpatient: David Mooradian, MD,
  • Ambulatory: Andrew McGlone, MD,
  • General Information: 443-481-6390 or
  • Resources:

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