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Research: Can New Medicine Help Patients Who Have Major Bleeding?

by Medical Staff Office on March 21, 2016

Hospitalist James Welker, MD, and the Research Institute are conducting a clinical trial studying the effectiveness of Andexanet Alfa. This drug reverses the effects of some medicines that prevent blood from clotting normally. This medicine could benefit patients who come to the hospital with acute major bleeding that is potentially life threatening. To learn more, contact Kathy Gray, RN, at 443-481-5868 or Kristine Wood, RN, at 443-481-5738.

Research: Evaluating New Treatment Possibilities for HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

by Medical Staff Office on March 21, 2016

The AAMC Research Institute is enrolling participants with HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer in a clinical research trial evaluating Margetuximab, a new investigational medication. Participants enrolled in the SOPHIA clinical trial will receive either Margetuximab or Herceptin in combination with chemotherapy. The study will enroll 530 participants worldwide with advanced HER-2 positive breast cancer who have received prior treatment with Herceptin, Perjeta and/or Kadcyla and received at least one prior line of chemotherapy. For more information, contact Venita Alston Crawford, RN, at 443-481-4393 or Emily Ross, coordinator, at 443-481-4392.

Research: Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair Using Symbotex Mesh

by Medical Staff Office on March 21, 2016

Adrian Park, MD, and Igor Belyansky, MD, along with the surgical research team, are conducting a study. The study evaluates the outcomes for patients who have the Symbotex mesh implant for laparoscopic repair of abdominal hernia. The team will follow the progress of approximately 50 patients for one year as part of this study. For more information, contact Almaz Holmatova, MD, at or 443-481-4943.

Research: Comparing Oral Medications for Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer

by Medical Staff Office on March 21, 2016

The Research Institute and Jeanine Werner, MD, will conduct a clinical trial of patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer that has spread to nearby tissue or lymph nodes or another place in the body. The trial will study the medications exemestane and entinostat to see how well they work compared to exemestane alone. Participants will receive these medications at no cost during the course of the trial. About 600 men and women across the country will participate in this study. For more information, contact Venita Alston Crawford, RN, at 443-481-4393 or Emily Ross, coordinator, at 443-481-4392.

Clinical Research: AAMC and Hopkins Research Network

by kimbra on July 2, 2012

Several years ago, members of the Anne Arundel Health Systems Research Institute joined forces with leadership from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research to establish a new organization called the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN). The network combines the expertise and resources of a major academic health system with those of regional centers engaged in clinical research. The goal of the JHCRN is to bring the option of clinical trials to a broader and more diverse range of communities, conduct research studies simultaneously and collaboratively within the network, and shorten the interval for clinical innovations to become accessible to mainstream medical practice.

The network has grown to include Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inova Health System, and Peninsula Regional Medical Center. We have begun opening clinical trials together, with seven JHCRN studies active here under AAMC co-investigators. Under the co-directorship of Adrian Dobs, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Oncology at Johns Hopkins, and John Niederhuber, M.D., former Director of the National Cancer Institute and CEO of Inova’s Translational Medicine Institute, the JHCRN continues to expand its membership and its role in clinical research in Maryland and beyond.

If you have an interest or experience in conducting clinical research and would like to know more about how you can become a participant in the JHCRN, please contact Joe Moser, M.D., by email, or at 443-481-1309. More information on JHCRN can be found in the brochure available here.
Additional information for investigators
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Watkins Returns to Research

by kimbra on June 19, 2012

On behalf of Anne Arundel Health System, our sincerest thanks go to Stanley Watkins, M.D., for his leadership as medical director for the AAMC Research Institute since 2008. At this time, Dr. Watkins is stepping down to focus on research in the DeCesaris Cancer Institute, his first and truest love.

Dr. Watkins centralized the research function in the organization. He was the visionary leader behind the effort to combine AAMC’s research efforts with Johns Hopkins Medicine and to develop a comprehensive research network.

“Because of Dr. Watkins’ contributions, our community members have greater access to cutting-edge Medications and therapies through industry trials,” says Mitchell Schwartz, M.D., AAHS Chief Medical Officer and President of Physician Enterprise.

As an active and respected member of the AAMC medical staff for more than 40 years, Dr. Watkins was the first director of AAMC’s cancer program. He also formed the Annapolis Oncology Center. Dr. Watkins looks forward to returning to his passion: bringing clinical research to the bedside.

New Study of Elixa for Preventing ACS in Type II Diabetes

by kimbra on June 18, 2012

Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute, under the direction of Principal Investigator, Jim Welker, DO, CPI, is conducting a clinical research study for individuals with Type II diabetes who have had a recent ACS event.

People with diabetes and heart disease who have had a recent heart attack or unstable angina have a high risk of having similar events in the future. The ELIXA study is being conducted to see if lowering blood glucose levels with Lixisenatide versus placebo will prevent future cardiovascular events in those patients with type II diabetes.

Subjects who enroll in ELIXA will receive all their study-related medical care and diabetes testing supplies for free. ELIXA is expected to enroll 6000 subjects in 40 countries worldwide. Participation in the study will last approximately 3-4 years.

To inquire about this study, please contact Research Nurse, Barbara Peterson, RN, CCRC at 443-481-5766

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Our Latest Clinical Trials

by medstaff on March 12, 2012