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An Introduction to the Impact of Payment Reform, Health System Reform, and Technology on Maryland Physicians & Their Patients
Presented by:
Gene M. Ransom, III, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer
MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society
November 6, 2013
12:00 pm
Doordan Institute
(CME’s Pending)

CME: Bariatric Surgery and ASMBS Maryland Chapter Meeting

by Medical Staff Office on March 21, 2016

Friday, May 20, 7am – 1:30pm
AAMC Belcher Pavilion, 7th Floor, Doordan Institute
Free Revisional Bariatric Surgery Course, hosted by AAMC
This FREE 4.0 credit CME program is designed for any health professional caring for the morbidly obese patient, including bariatric surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners and dietitians. Hear experts discuss post-surgical techniques and complications related to bariatric revisions and conversions. Learn more and register.

Seminar: Reputation Management and Social Media Evolution for Medical Practices

by Medical Staff Office on October 10, 2013

SEMINAR: Reputation Management and Social Media Evolution for Medical Practices: Reactive, Proactive and Legal Implications
Educate and empower yourself to promote health education, health literacy and healthcare delivery and protect your online reputation. Free event by Maryland Physician. Register here or call Jackie Kinsella at 443.837.6948. Register today to win a free 16GB iPod Touch.

Breast Center Lecture Series

by Medical Staff Office on October 4, 2013

Breast Imaging Part I: Wednesday, October 2, noon, Doordan Institute, 7th floor, Health Sciences Pavilion, Classroom 2
Breast Imaging Part II: Tuesday, October 15, noon, Doordan Institute, 7th floor, Health Sciences Pavilion, Classroom 2
Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Part I: Monday, October 28, 5pm, Donner Pavilion, 1st floor Conference Room
Breast Cancer Rehab, Pre- and Post-Op: Wednesday, November 6, noon, 2nd floor, Health Sciences Pavilion, Breast Center Conference Room
Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Part II: Monday, November 11, 5pm, Donner Pavilion, 1st floor Conference Room
Pre-op Prep of Breast Surgery Patients and Concierge Services for the Breast Surgical Patient: Tuesday, December 10, 7am, 2nd floor, Hospital Pavilion South, Surgical Services Conference Room

Quarterly Medical Staff Meeting

by Medical Staff Office on June 6, 2013

The next Quarterly Medical Staff Meeting is Wednesday, July 10, 5pm networking/service meetings, 6pm business meeting, in the Doordan Institute, AAMC Health Sciences Pavilion, 7th Floor.

Join in the conversation: Introducing a place to discuss hot topics in medicine with your AAMC colleagues

by Mitchell Schwartz MD on April 9, 2013

Take a look at any newspaper, magazine or web-based headline and you’re bound to see references to changes affecting the world of medicine. The information comes in multiple forms. It can be in a blog, such as Wachter’s World, or a documentary, Escape Fire, on CNN.  From Obamacare to Medicaid, the rapid evolution of the expectations of our health system is on display. Somehow, I sense there are more negative messages than positive. And, in many ways, the criticism is justified.  The costs do not appear to deliver measurable value, such as in mortality rates, harm and patient satisfaction.

There are few venues at AAMC to discuss these challenging topics that directly affect our professional careers. The quick hallway conversations don’t do justice to the complexity of the problems. There is little evidence of a two-way dialogue to spark frank discussion on these topics. The lack of appropriate discourse only generates more assumptions, second-guessing and misunderstandings within our own medical community.

For example, a Washington Post article regarding cancer clinics recently garnered more than 5,000 comments.

I’m sure that most physicians will be affected directly by the cuts. And if there is little in the way of response, I believe it opens the door to further reimbursement changes either through the SGR formula, bundling of payments or other obligations that will put a price on the value of care.

Do you believe your practice will be affected? Will you continue to see new Medicare patients? What are your thoughts about bundling of payments? Please send in your comments.  They will be available for viewing and further responses.