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NEW DATABASE – Used in conjunction with UpToDate – VisualDX

by jmiller on July 9, 2015

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx is one of the most widely used medical apps in the world to improve diagnostic accuracy,  medical education  and patient education.   VisualDx is already licensed by more than 50% of US medical schools including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, USC, UNC, University of Washington, and many more. Over the past 3 years, it has been voted among the top favorite apps multiple times at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.  It is one of the top rated databases in KLAS, which is the Consumer Reports of databases.  It will give any visual pictures connected with a disease, as well as the new ICD10 codes; pearls of wisdom; treatment and references connected with dresources.  There is also a mobile app.  Questions:  call Joyce Miller, Medical Librarian ext. 4877.

ICD-10 Countdown: Education Opportunities

by Medical Staff Office on June 24, 2015

While there have been multiple delays, all signs now point to October 1, 2015, for ICD-10 implementation. It is critical that your clinical documentation meet ICD-10 requirements so that we are coding appropriately for billing accuracy, among other reasons. We are providing several opportunities for medical staff education, tools and resources.

Training and Education Opportunities

  • Videos: The following educational video modules have been assigned via HealthStream. Completion of these modules is mandatory for all medical staff members.
    • 1) an ICD-10 introduction video, and
    • 2) a video that discusses ICD-10 and your specialty, as applicable.
  • Be on the lookout for a separate email inviting you to complete these video modules on Healthstream. We hope they will help you understand what clinical documentation specificity is needed in order to meet ICD-10 requirements. Modules include an intro and specialty videos for primary care, cardiology, orthopedics, OB-GYN, pediatrics/neonatology, hospital medicine/critical care, and surgery. CME credits are provided upon completion. In addition to the AAMC videos, vendor partner 3M offers resource videos by specialty.
    • Medical Staff Service Meetings (during already-scheduled meetings)
      • Pathology: August 18
      • Obstetrics: August 19
      • Surgical Oncology: September 8
      • Cardiology: September 10
      • Surgery: September 15
  • Clinical documentation improvement program for inpatient areas: The goal of AAMC’s program is to ensure the patient’s medical record is as complete and accurate as possible. Registered nurses serve as “translators” to providers’ documentation by translating it into diagnoses and terminology while improving the overall quality of documentation in the electronic health record. The team assists with implementing ICD-10 through ensuring accurate coding and by working with providers to improve specificity of diagnosis.
  • Tip sheets by specialty: Find clinical documentation tip sheets for various medical and surgical specialties at


Please take advantage of e-tools we’ve recently adopted, such as problem-oriented charting, diagnosis calculator, and voice-to-text technology. We hope these tools will assist you in improving clinical documentation in anticipation of the ICD-10 implementation on October 1, 2015.

  • Diagnosis Calculator: As of June 9, 2015, a new Diagnosis Calculator tool is available in EPIC. The Diagnosis Calculator allows providers to quickly add the high level of details needed for ICD-10-compliant clinical documentation. The tool prompts providers with a list of choices to help determine the most specific final diagnosis. We hope this tool will assist you in improving clinical documentation in anticipation of the ICD-10 implementation on October 1, 2015.
  • Problem List Calculator: The Problem List Calculator allows inpatient providers to quickly add clinically relevant details to a patient’s problem list. Search for and select a problem list diagnosis as usual, and then use the buttons in the search window, if applicable, to document a more precise diagnosis.
  • Voice-To-Text for Dictation/Transcription: The “Dragon” voice-to-text tool is now available for AAMC inpatient providers. If you aren’t already using it and would like to learn how, please send an email to


As we continue on our journey, look for ongoing communication from me as well as from the AAMC ICD-10 Steering Committee, led by David Mooradian, MD.


For more information, please contact:

  • Inpatient: David Mooradian, MD,
  • Ambulatory: Andrew McGlone, MD,
  • General Information: 443-481-6390 or
  • Resources:

Recent advances in brain and spine imaging

by jmiller on May 12, 2015

Advanced MR imaging techniques have found extensive utility in the clinical practice of neuroradiology. A variety of these techniques are incorporated into imaging protocols for routine use, specific applications to particular disease entities, or as problem-solving tools on an ad hoc basis. This article summarizes and illustrates the spectrum of advanced MR imaging tools used clinically in the practice of neuroradiology.  (Radiol Clin N A, May)  Click here to read full-text.

What’s the evidence for evidence based medicine?

by jmiller on May 11, 2015

“What’s in a name?  The answer begins with the name, which physicians find both amusing and insulting, as if in the dark ages before EBM, physicians practiced without evidence.  EBM’s power comes in part, from branding. The art and alchemy of medicine reside not in evidence based guidelines, but in the mind and expertise of committed physicians.  The challenge for EBM is keeping the patient front and center while negotiating the vagaries of the evidence.”  (Maryland Medicine, May)  Click here to read full text.

Should patients stop taking aspirin for primary prevention?

by jmiller on April 10, 2015

“Based on the current available evidence, the US Food and Drug Administration recently issued a Consumer Update that does not support aspirin for primary prevention and warns patients about the risk of serious bleeding complications.  Moreover, current guidelines and consensus panels for aspirin in primary prevention differ from one another, making it challenging for clinicians to determine which patients would benefit. One message is clear in the most current clinical guidelines, namely, that routine use of aspirin for primary prevention is not recommended.”  (Cleve Clin J, April)  Click here to read full-text.


by jmiller on March 27, 2015

This review article (NEJM, March 25) provides an update on the anatomy of the sciatic nerve; symptoms and examination findings’ imaging and electrological testing; nonspinal causes; conservative treatment; surgical treatment caused by lumbar disk disease; surgical techniques; and  guidelines and systematic reviews.  Click here to read full text.

Buckley elected president of Maryland Medical State Society

by Medical Staff Office on February 2, 2015

Brooke Buckley, MD, of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) has been named president of The Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi) for the 2015-2016 year. Dr. Buckley will be the third woman to serve in this position. >>More

New medical staff members

by Medical Staff Office on January 29, 2015

Please welcome the following physicians who have joined AAMC as medical staff members in the last few months:

  • Cara Abbondandolo, P.A.-C, Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Colleen Abell, C.R.N.P., AAMC FastCare at Bowie
  • Tabassum Ahmad, M.D., Virtual Radiologic Professionals
  • Delroy Anglin, M.D., Mid-Atlantic Permanent Medical Group
  • Alvaro Arango, P.A.-C., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Hiruy Bishaw, M.D., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Dana Bridges, C.R.N.P., AAMC FastCare at Bowie
  • Lee Anne Connell, M.D., Anesthesia Service, LLC
  • Hari Devkota, M.D., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Suman Duvedi, M.D., Pediatric Place
  • Onyekachi Egwim, M.D., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Megan Grossmiller, P.A.-C., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Christian Hansen, M.D., Anne Arundel Pathology Services, LLC
  • Laurel Ansley Howe, C.N.M., Special Beginnings Birth & Womens Center
  • Gaurav Lakhanpal, M.D., Center for Vascular Medicine
  • Dmitry Liepinsh, M.D., Mid-Atlantic Permanent Medical Group
  • Miriam Martin, M.D., Fit for Life Medical Center
  • Mary Mayzel, C.N.M., Bay Area Midwifery
  • AbdulAhad Rehmatulla, M.D.,  – Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Briana Sanders, M.D.,  – Mid-Atlantic Permanent Medical Group
  • Barbara Semakula, M.D., – Joining Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, LLC
  • Sadia Shafi, M.D., – Annapolis Cardiology Consultants
  • Varun Takyar, M.D., Physicians Inpatient Care Specialists, LLC
  • Colleen Wallace, M.D., South River Pediatrics
  • Jennifer Wormuth, M.D., AAMG Acute Care Surgery

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