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New and Improved Record of New Consent for Procedure Form

by kimbra on July 18, 2012

Beginning July 23, an enhanced record of new consent for procedure form will be available. While the verbiage remains the same as that in the current form, the significant benefits of the new form are that it now accommodates both Spanish and English speaking patients, and provides more room for writing procedures.

The enhanced consent form features include the following:
• There is increased space to write the procedure.
• The form is in English on one side and in Spanish on the other, alleviating the need to stock two different consents.
• All involved in the informed consent process (patient, physician, interpreter and witness) sign the English side.
• The Spanish side instructs patients to sign the English side.
• The form includes a box that the interpreter signs as needed.
• All verbiage from the current consent remains the same.

AAMC’s Physician Relations team will be rounding on your office to distribute the new forms. New forms also may be obtained by ordering from the CPS Gumpert printing service by ordering online or calling 443.541.4106.