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Malpractice risk according to specialty

by medstaff on February 23, 2012

(NEJM, Aug 18, 2011) There is substantial variation in the likelihood of malpractice suits and the size of indemnity payments across specialties. The cumulative risk of facing a malpractice claim is high in all specialties, although most claims do not lead to payments to plaintiffs. Across specialties, 7.4% of physicians annually had a claim, whereas 2.6% made an indemnity payment. There was significant variation across specialties in the probability of facing a claim, ranging annually from 19.1% in neurosurgery, 18.9% in thoracic –cardiovascular surgery, and 15.3% in general surgery to 5.2% in family medicine, 3.1% in pediatrics, and 2.6% in psychiatry.”  click here for full-text