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Drug Shortages

by kimbra on August 8, 2012

Click here for the latest list of critical drug shortages for AAMC for August. The most critical items include: Bumetanide IV (A limited amount is available. Please try to conserve IV doses and consider oral as needed.) Furosemide IV is available for normal use again. Hydromorphone PCA (Our supply is still limited. Please conserve.) All hydromorphone PCA expires in mid-August and there is none available to purchase. Phytonadione adult IV (Wholesaler is currently out of this drug, and there is a limited stock available at AAMC. If this continues, we may need alternatives for reversing vitamin K dependent medications.) Medications out of stock include: Atracurium, foscarnet, isosorbide dinitrate 10 and 20mg tablets, methyldopa IV, pancuronium, phentolamine, prochlorperazine IV, and secretin. Resolved drug shortages include: atropine IV (all sizes), furosemide IV, morphine PCA, naloxone IV, nitroglycerin bottles 50mg/250mL, and potassium chloride IV. If you or colleagues have questions please do not hesitate to contact Jared S. Calish, PharmD, AAMC pharmacy clinical coordinator, at or 443-481-4833.