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Childhood Injury Health Alert

by kswan on August 29, 2012

In honor of National Childhood Injury Prevention Week (September 1-7), Edward Holt, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at AAMC, is educating parents about the dangers of going down playground slides with their children.

Parents often try to protect their children from injury on a sliding board by sliding down the board with the child between their legs. However, if a child is wearing a rubber-soled shoe, their foot catches and then the weight of mom and dad riding behind them may result in a broken leg for the child.

Dr. Holt estimates he sees as many as 10 toddlers each year, all with spiral tibia fractures. “This fracture is entirely preventable,” notes Dr. Holt. He is providing warning poster for local pediatrician offices and a YouTube video alerting parents to the hazard. See the video here>