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Medical Mall Health Services

by kswan on March 7, 2013

AAMC and community physicians have a new partner in reducing preventable readmissions, Medical Mall Health Services (MMHS). Read more>>

MMHS, with leadership from the original Jackson, Mississippi Medical Mall (a landmark success in providing care to the medically underserved), has expanded to our area. MMHS provides hospital-to-home transitional care services to vulnerable patients. Their services have been shown to reduce readmissions, simply by providing “kitchen table” medication reconciliation, ensuring follow-up care, and reviewing red flags that should prompt a patient to seek care before a crisis occurs.

Adebola Adeleye, CRNP, and Theresa Dow, RN, meet patients at bedside. They explain the program, discuss the care plan, and identify any challenges proactively. Within three days of discharge, a home visit occurs by a community health worker who provides medication reconciliation and a patient needs assessment. A post-discharge appointment to the primary care and/or specialty physician is arranged in a timely manner. The patients are followed by the team (by phone and/or repeat visits) for four weeks post-discharge MMHS can be reached by dialing 443-481-6454 or 443-481-1643.