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Annual N95 Annual Required Fit Testing

by Medical Staff Office on April 18, 2013
Click here for a full schedule of fit-testing clinic times and locations.
Healthcare workers are required to be fit tested annually for N95 respirators used in airborne isolation/negative pressure rooms. The deadline is Saturday, April 27.
You must be fit tested if you:
  • Work in the Emergency Department (ED) or physically see patients in the ED.
  • Enter into a patient room that has a patient in airborne isolation (negative pressure room). Negative pressure rooms are throughout the hospital: patientrooms, ED, PACU, Dialysis,and Endoscopy.
  • Use a N95 respirator for patient care.
  • Do not chew gum, eat, drink (except water) for at least 20 minutes before testing; this may alter the results of the test.
  • Testing takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • Even if you “failed” fit testing in the past, you must still attempt again for 2013.
  • Those fit tested in calendar year 2013 (e.g., orientation) are not required to be fit tested.
Questions? Contact Anne Van Waes, RN, director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, at

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