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The Nursing Workforce in an Era of Health Care Reform – NEJM April 18

by jmiller on May 17, 2013

This “Perspective” article explains that the shortages that were projected have not materialize; rather, there appears to be a surge.  Contributing factors include a combination of growing interest in nursing careers and the dynamic response of the educational sector has improved long-term workforce projections.  If demand for nurses continues to expand at historical rates through 20300, entry into nursing must continue to grow over the next 2 decades at a rate of 20% per decade in order to meet that demand.  A second uncertainty involves the uneven distribution of the workforce.    The per capita RN supply in the Western and Northeast regions of the US has fallen behind that in the rest of the country because these regions are home to a greater number of older RNs who are retiring..  A third undertainty is the lingering effect of the recession.  A final uncertainty concerns the demand for RNS.    The ACA (Affordable Care Act) may stimulate additional demand for RNs, with its increase in  nurse managed health centers and reform of the care delivery system.  Click here to read full article.

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