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President of the Medical Staff: Meet and Greet

by Kenneth S Gummerson MD PhD on May 23, 2013

Almost as soon as it was signed into law in 2010, the Affordable Health Care Act began changing the way health services are provided. This year many new changes will begin to ease in including an increase in Medicare taxes and an increase in primary care reimbursements in Medicaid to match those of Medicare.  All leading up to January 1, 2014 when health insurance exchanges are implemented, and bundled payment demonstrations, accountable care organizations and consolidation will occur.

To keep our Medical Staff informed of the hospital’s strategies for meeting the challenges and risks of this massive transformation, Ken Gummerson, MD, and Mitch Schwartz, MD, will host a monthly information exchange. We invite you to be a part of the discussion as we address the issues and share the implications for infrastructure, technology, clinical integration, transition from fee-for-service  payment models, and, how all of the change will affect you, your practice and the medical system.

Join us for the first in the monthly series:

Friday, May 24 from Noon to 2pm
Medical Staff Lounge
1st Floor, Hsopital Pavilion South

For more information, call the Medical Staff Office at 443.481.4150.

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