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Proposed bylaws amendment

by Kenneth S Gummerson MD PhD on June 6, 2013

A vote on this Bylaws amendment will be held at the quarterly Medical Staff Meeting on Wednesday, July 10, 5pm networking/service meeting, 6pm business meeting, in the Doordan Institute, Health Sciences Pavilion.

4.5 Emeritus Status

4.5-1 Status

Emeritus status shall be granted by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Medical Executive Committee to practitioners of the Medical Staff by virtue of their outstanding reputation, noteworthy contributions and long standing service to the Medical Center, who continue to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct.  Emeritus status does not require periodic evaluation/reappointment.

4.5-2 Qualifications

Qualifications for Emeritus status are:

  • (a) An active member of the Medical Staff with outstanding Medical Staff service for at least twenty (20) continuous years;
  • (b) Recommendation by the Chairman of the Department he/she is credentialed by;
  • (c) Unqualified resignation from either the Active or Consulting Staff the Medical¬† Staff, excluding the category of Associate Staff, with privileges in good favor;
  • (d) Professional licensure from the State of Maryland at the time of resignation from the Staff;
  • (e) An outstanding reputation;
  • (f) Noteworthy contributions to the Medical Staff;
  • (g) Long standing service to the Medical Center; and
  • (h) Exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct.

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