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Garage C renovation to begin July 11

by Medical Staff Office on July 9, 2013

Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, and Vendors Temporarily Assigned to Parking Garage A

Starting Thursday, July 11, renovations will begin affecting levels 2 and above of parking garage C, which is connected to Hospital Pavilion North. The work is expected to last through fall 2013. During this time, patients can park in Garage C on levels 1, B1 and B2. Employees, Medical Staff, Auxilians, vendors, and contractors who normally park in Garage C are to park in Garage A. These groups should not park in Garage B for Wayson and Donner Pavilions because it cannot accommodate additional parking.

Reminder: As a courtesy to ensure patients and visitors get the yellow-lined (most easily accessible) parking spaces, we ask that:

  • Employees and Auxilians park in the green-lined spots.
  • Medical staff park in the red-lined spots.
  • Vendors and contractors park on levels 7 and 8.


Questions? Contact Luke Klock, director of capital projects, at x3902 or

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