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Providing Young Athletes with Sports Physicals

by Medical Staff Office on August 2, 2013

On July 20, Othropaedic and Sports Medicine Center completed nearly 120 sports physicals during an event designed to prepare local high school athletes for the upcoming school year. The day included physical examinations, concussion baseline testing by AAMC Outpatient Rehabilitation, and functional screenings which help determine a patients, range of motion and muscle strength and overall flexibility. Thanks to the following Medical Staff members who participated: Pat Czapp, MD; Deon Edgerson-George, MD; Gillian Lowe, MD; Stephanie Martin, MD; Sarah Jamieson, MD; Marc F. Brassard, MD; Jeffrey Gelfand, MD; Cyrus J. Lashgari, MD; James H. MacDonald, MD; Chad M. Patton, MD; and Daniel E. Redziniak, MD.

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