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Countdown to ICD-10

by Medical Staff Office on October 10, 2013

AAMC is working to transition to ICD-10 inpatient diagnosis and procedure codes in Alec, our electronic medical record. Find an overview here.

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  1. Med League

    The ICD 10 features an enormous expansion of the details that need to be documented in the codes for billing, compared to the ICD 9. For example, the number of codes rose from 14,000 diagnosis codes to 68,000. Included in this are thousands of new procedure codes, up from 4,000 inpatient procedure codes to 87,000.

    That’s almost a whopping 5 times the number of diagnostic codes and 22 times the number of new procedure codes. These refinements in codes must all be supported by documentation in the medical notes written by doctors, nurses, and therapists.

    Are Patients Being Harmed?
    It has been jokingly said that letting lawyers make laws is like letting doctors make diseases. Ironically, this seems to be exactly what is happening now.

    Medical coding is increasingly being used as a means of communicating information about medical care. If the code used does not fit the situation, the patient could not only receive the wrong care but could also have to deal with the long-term consequences of having been given the wrong diagnosis.

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