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Physical Therapy Treatment During Hemodialysis (HD)

by medstaff on April 10, 2012

The physical therapy department at AAMC recognizes that many dialysis patients are unable to participate in physical therapy due to a medical or scheduling conflict. Studies have shown that resistance training and aerobic exercise during HD is safe and can improve the efficacy of HD, improve physical function, improve lower extremity strength, and decrease boredom.

The physical therapy department at AAMC has developed a standardized exercise program for patients receiving hemodialysis, which combines aerobic and strength training and will be provided while patients are receiving dialysis. The program will be performed in the HD unit or during bedside dialysis while the patient is monitored for hemodynamic stability. The extremity with the dialysis graft is kept immobile during exercise. Exercise will only be provided within the first two hours of the start of HD.

We are very excited to be providing this service to our dialysis patients! Our goal is to improve functional mobility in a safe, controlled environment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lauren Davis, DPT, Kamila Frederick, MPT or Jennifer Gurka, MPT at 443-481-4100.