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“Effects of nurse-managed protocols in the outpatient management of adults with chronic conditions” and accompanying editorial “Are nurses an answer to new primary care needs?”

by jmiller on July 30, 2014

This systematic review and editorial appear not in a nursing journal, but rather in the current, prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine.  The article concludes “A team approach that uses nurse-managed protocols may have positive effects on the outpatient management of adults with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.”  “A recent report projects a shortage of as many as 44,000 primary care physicians by 2025 mainly because of poor pay.  Studies have shown that nurse-coordinated programs for patients with heart failure, including early follow-up after hospitalizations and intensive patient education, have the potential to prolong survival and decrease the frequency of hospital admissions.  We need new models of primary care, and enlisting nurses will be central to this effort.”  Click here to read full-text.

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