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New Study of Elixa for Preventing ACS in Type II Diabetes

by kimbra on June 18, 2012

Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute, under the direction of Principal Investigator, Jim Welker, DO, CPI, is conducting a clinical research study for individuals with Type II diabetes who have had a recent ACS event.

People with diabetes and heart disease who have had a recent heart attack or unstable angina have a high risk of having similar events in the future. The ELIXA study is being conducted to see if lowering blood glucose levels with Lixisenatide versus placebo will prevent future cardiovascular events in those patients with type II diabetes.

Subjects who enroll in ELIXA will receive all their study-related medical care and diabetes testing supplies for free. ELIXA is expected to enroll 6000 subjects in 40 countries worldwide. Participation in the study will last approximately 3-4 years.

To inquire about this study, please contact Research Nurse, Barbara Peterson, RN, CCRC at 443-481-5766

>> Learn more about the Research Institute.