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Watkins Returns to Research

by kimbra on June 19, 2012

On behalf of Anne Arundel Health System, our sincerest thanks go to Stanley Watkins, M.D., for his leadership as medical director for the AAMC Research Institute since 2008. At this time, Dr. Watkins is stepping down to focus on research in the DeCesaris Cancer Institute, his first and truest love.

Dr. Watkins centralized the research function in the organization. He was the visionary leader behind the effort to combine AAMC’s research efforts with Johns Hopkins Medicine and to develop a comprehensive research network.

“Because of Dr. Watkins’ contributions, our community members have greater access to cutting-edge Medications and therapies through industry trials,” says Mitchell Schwartz, M.D., AAHS Chief Medical Officer and President of Physician Enterprise.

As an active and respected member of the AAMC medical staff for more than 40 years, Dr. Watkins was the first director of AAMC’s cancer program. He also formed the Annapolis Oncology Center. Dr. Watkins looks forward to returning to his passion: bringing clinical research to the bedside.