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July Pharmacy Shortages Update

by kimbra on July 9, 2012

The most critical items are listed below with the complete list including the ones below attached. Please forward to your colleagues since many may not see this post.

  1. Succinylcholine – supply is limited <200 vials available in house with none available at the wholesale level.  Please consider alternatives and conserve use as much as possible.
  2. Furosemide IV – this shortage affects all sizes.  A recommendation is to use IV bumetanide if needed or oral/liquid furosemide. Currently only a few days’ supply remains on hand with no supply available at the wholesaler and manufacturer level.
  3. Bumetanide IV – limited amount available due to shortage of furosemide. Please try to limit/conserve IV doses and consider oral as needed.  Pharmacy will be drawing up standard doses from bulk vials in the next few days to help provide medication for use.
  4. Morphine and hydromorphone PCA – supply is still limited, please conserve
  5. Medications out of stock include:  atracurium, Foscarnet, lidocaine PF 1.5%, methyldopa IV, pancuronium, phentolamine, prochlorperazine IV, secretin and Bactrim IV
  6. Resolvedchloroprocaine 2 & 3%, methotrexate IV, multivitamin IV, pantoprazole IV, and tetracaine ophthalmic solution.

View the complete shortage list.
Questions, please contact Jared S. Calish, PharmD.; pharmacy clinical coordinator or call 443-481-4833.