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EpicCare Link FAQs

General Questions

What is EpicCare Link?
EpicCare Link is a secure web application that provides access to information contained within Anne Arundel’s EMR system. The system allows physicians and their staff the ability to review their patient’s health information that has a relationship with Anne Arundel Medical Center. This ensures compliance with state and federal regulations for the release of Protected Health Information (PHI).

What kind of role should I select?
Users can have one of the three roles in EpicCare Link.

  • Provider: Select this role if you are the physician provider in your practice.
  • Site Administrator: Select this role if you are the office manager in your practice.
  • Staff: Select this role if you are a staff in your practice.

How long does it take to get an account?
Once the user agreement is submitted, generally it takes 1-2 weeks to process the account upon which user’s account information will be mailed to the address specified in the User Agreement.

How many forms do I have to fill in order to request access to EpicCare Link and where can I find these forms?
Users requesting access to EpicCare Link will have to fill the User Agreement and User Provisioning form. Users can find these forms in the Documents section.

Once I submit the account, what happens next?
Once the account request has been approved and processed, users will receive their username and password via mail. Please make sure to enter accurate mailing address in the User Agreement form to ensure the receipt of your usernames and passwords.

Where do I go for training?
Call your physician relations representative to receive training on EpicCare Link.

Is there additional information I can view or download on EpicCare Link ?
Yes, users can download additional information such as user guides, quick reference material and other helpful document from the Documents section.

Who can reset my password?
Please call help desk at 443-481-5202 to reset your password. Users will have to provide their last four digits of SSN and mm-dd of their date of birth.

Does EpicCare Link help my practice attest to Meaningful Use?
No, EpicCare Link does not address specific Meaningful User criteria but it is a valuable tool for physician office practices and chart reviewers.

I need EpicCare Link support, how can I get it?

Issues/Questions Phone Number
EpicCare Link Questions 443-481-5202
Cancel a scheduled order 1-888-909-XRAY

Imaging Orders Functionality Questions

Can I place an imaging order via EpicCare Link?
Yes, EpicCare Link (EpicCare Link) offers its providers a quick and user-friendly way to place imaging orders to Anne Arundel Diagnostic Imaging Centers. High level steps to place an imaging order is as follows.

  • Login to EpicCare Link .
  • Select the patient you would like to place an order for.
  • Click on Order activity on the left hand side menu.
  • Select from AADI orderable procedures list and enter required information.
  • Sign the order.

I cannot find a order in the Preference List or the New Procedure button, how can I place this order?
Please call 1-888-909-XRAY to place orders that you cannot find in the Preference List.

How do I schedule a Biopsy (CT guided, Ultrasound guided and Breast)?
Users can call 443-481-5000 and press option # 2 to schedule a Biopsy (CT guided, Ultrasound guided and Breast).

Can I print the order from EpicCare Link?
Yes, users can print orders from EpicCare Link. From Order Review, select the order and click on View Order Report button. The print button is available on the upper right hand corner of the report.

How can I cancel/modify my orders?
Providers and Site Administrators can cancel orders if they have not been scheduled.
Steps to cancel an unscheduled order is as follows.

  • Navigate to Order Review.
  • Select the order to be cancelled and verify the Appt Status = Appointment Needed.
  • Verify that the APPT STATUS for this order is set to APPOINTMENT NEEDED and then click on Cancel Order button.

Providers will have to cancel the placed order by performing steps mentioned above and then place the new order using Order Entry screen.

How can I cancel/modify my orders that are scheduled?
Providers and Site Administrators can cancel scheduled orders by performing following steps.

  • Call 1-888-909-XRAY to cancel an appointment associated with the order you plan to cancel. AADI representatives will cancel the appointment while the users are on the phone.
  • Providers and Site Administrators can then login to EpicCare Link and navigate to Order review screen.
  • Select the order to cancel.
  • Verify that the APPT STATUS for this order is set to APPOINTMENT NEEDED and then click Cancel Order button.

To modify an order, providers will have to cancel the existing order by performing steps mentioned above and then place the new order using Order Entry screen.

Patient-related Questions

Why can’t I see my patients in the list?
Physicians may not see some of their patients upon logging in the system first time since the patient relationship may not be established. Physicians may choose to add such patients using the First Access functionality via Patients List tab in the application. Please note that this functionality is available only to the physician/provider role. Site Admins and Staff users do not have access to this functionality.

EpicCare Link Login Questions

What URL should I use to login to the system?
Open Internet Explorer and navigate to EpicCare Link website

How do I change my password?
Please access Password Reset document to view step by step guide to reset password that you have received from EpicCare Link Helpdesk.