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Consumer preferences and online comparison toos used to select a surgeon

by jmiller on January 16, 2017

“The public reporting of physician quality is mandated by the US federal government and made accessible through the website Physician Compare.  However, this is only one of several that provide physician ratings to consumers. Despite the widespread availability of this … learn more

Key prinicples in quality and safety in radiology

by jmiller on January 16, 2017

“Concepts are introduced that re keys to identifying, understanding, and utilizing certain quality tools with the aim of making process improvements.  Challenges, opportunities, and change drivers can be mapped from the radiology quality perspective.  Best practices, informatics, and benchmarks can … learn more

Review of childhood obesity: from epidemiology, etiology, and comoribiditis to clinical assessment and treatment

by jmiller on January 16, 2017

“Most obese children do not have an underlying endocrine or single genetic cause for their weight gain.  Family-based lifestyle interventions, including dietary modifications and increased physical activity, are the cornerstone of weight management in children.”  (Mayo Clin Proc, Jan)  Click learn more

Providing appropriate end-of-life care to religious and ethnic minorities

by jmiller on January 16, 2017

“There is overwhelming evidence that racial and ethnic minorities face multiple health care disparities.  Recognizing and addressing cultural and religious/spiritual (RS) values is a critical aspect of providing goal-concordant care for patients facing a serious illness, especially at the end … learn more

Guidelines for family-centered care in the neonatal, pediatric, and adult ICU

by jmiller on January 11, 2017

These guidelines (Crit Care Med, Jan) “identify the evidence base for best practices for family-centered care in the ICU.”  The original guidelines published in 2007 have been one of the most widely cited documents on family-centered care.  However, the prior … learn more

2017 Medical Staff Photography

by Medical Staff Office on January 9, 2017

To support the marketing and promotion of our practices and programs, we like to have a professional photography of each member of our medical staff.  For 2017, we have arranged for a photographer to be onsite from 4-6 pm for … learn more

Pathology Update: New PCR Testing Available for Routine Antepartum Screening Available Jan. 9; New Group B Streptococcus LIM Broth-Enriched Molecular Test

by Medical Staff Office on January 9, 2017

From Sanford Robbins III, MD, Chief Pathologist, and Jacqui Kozireski, Microbiology Lab Manager

We are pleased to announce that the Cepheid Xpert GBS LB (Group B Strep LIM broth enriched) is a qualitative real-time PCR test used to … learn more

What Is Clinical Integration and Why Is It Important?

by Medical Staff Office on January 9, 2017

In the days of “no questions asked,” fee-for-service payment, our medical community thrived as a cottage industry, each of us humming along independently, minding our own business. But now with state and national initiatives tying our payment to outcomes, our … learn more

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