Heart Month events

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

February is Heart Month and AAMC has many events planned to educate and raise awareness about heart health. Click here for details.… learn more

New leaders and board members

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

AAMC has two new senior leaders:
Julie McGovern, Vice President, Human Resources: Julie joins us from Chilton Hospital and Atlantic Health System in New Jersey and has executive experience in various HR roles, including health benefits administration, talent … learn more

Help start the conversation about palliative care

by Medical Staff Office on January 28, 2014

Too often, family members are left to make difficult decisions about care for a loved one who is at the end of his or her life. Emotions are running high and, without clear instructions from the patient, the family may … learn more

A 2-hour diagnostic protocol for possible cardiac chest pain in the Emergency Department and commentary: Rapid evaluation of chest pain in the Emergency Department

by jmiller on January 24, 2014

From JAMA, (Jan), concludes: “Using the accelerated diagnostic protocol in the experimental pathway almost doubled the proportion of patients with chest pain discharged early.  Clinicians could discharge approximately 1 of 5 patients with chest pain to outpatient follow-up monitoring in … learn more

Advance Directives in the Operating Room: Revised Statement – American College of Surgeons

by jmiller on January 24, 2014

The American College of Surgeons (Bull Am Coll Surg, Jan)  has issued a revised statement from its original 1994 policy on Advance Directies in the operating room.  Basically, there is now a requirement that a “reconsideration discussion” should occur as … learn more

Opiod prescribing: A systematic review and critical appraisal of guidelines for chronic pain

by jmiller on January 24, 2014

This early online publication from Annals of Internal Medicine concludes: “Despite limited evidence and variable development methods, recent guidelines on chronic pain agree on several opioid risk mitigation strategies, including upper dosing thresholds; cautions with certain medications; attention to drug-drug … learn more

Prevention of diabetes with Mediterranean diets and accompanying ‘Summaries for Patients’ “Does the Mediterranean diet prevent diabetes?”

by jmiller on January 10, 2014

Article (Ann Intern Med, Jan 7) concludes: A Mediterranean diet enriched with EVOO but withoug energy restrictions reduced diabetes risk among persons with high cardiovascular risk.  The PREDIMED trial provides strong evidence that long-term adherence to a Mediterranean diet supplemented … learn more

Vitamin and mineral supplements in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer: an updated systematic evidence review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

by jmiller on December 27, 2013

This systematic review (Ann Intern Med, Dec 17) concludes: “Limited evidence supports any benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation for the prevention of cancer or CVD.  Two trials found a small, borderline-significant benefit from multi-vitamin supplements on cancer in men … learn more

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