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New Year, New Agreement for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Anne Arundel Medical Center

(January 3, 2012)—Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) and Johns Hopkins Medicine recently renewed their strategic alliance agreement. The affiliation extends many of the existing collaborations that bring together a wide range of experts and clinical programs from both institutions to provide increased access to quality medical care for patients in the region. AAMC and Hopkins formed the alliance five years ago.

“Through this alliance we have been able to strengthen health care services provided to communities across the region,” said Tori Bayless, president and CEO of Anne Arundel Medical Center. “We look forward to continuing to expand our clinical services and make the best use of our resources to deliver exceptional care to our patients.”

The wide-ranging strategic agreement includes a shared focus on health care reform, the potential of joint clinical programs, satellite health care centers, collaboration on clinical research, and exploration of the development of joint physician graduate medical education programs.

“What we have discovered since the consummation of our original agreement is that while each of our health care institutions has a different primary service area, we share mission-minded cultures that value high quality clinical care, education and innovation,” said Ronald R. Peterson, president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. “Our collaboration will continue to allow each organization to use its strengths and to share best practices to improve quality and access to care, operate more efficiently and achieve advances in medicine and education.”

The renewal of the agreement reinforces the community benefit of bringing together one of Maryland’s fastest growing regional health care systems and one of the world’s most highly recognized and respected academic medical centers and research institutions.

Recently, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Anne Arundel Medical Center held a ribbon cutting for their new Odenton Medical Pavilion, which provides primary care and medical specialty services for the residents of West County. The hospitals’ also collaborate in providing health care services on the Eastern Shore at AAMC’s satellite facility on Kent Island.

“We are so pleased that Johns Hopkins Medicine and Anne Arundel Health System will continue to collaborate on offering accessible, high-quality and affordable patient-centered care,” says Paul B. Rothman, M.D., dean of the medical faculty and chief executive officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine. “Not only do we share a commitment to providing the highest-quality care, but through our affiliation, we will continue to find new opportunities to work together on important medical research and educational projects. We look forward to our joint efforts with Anne Arundel Health System and ultimately to bettering the health and lives of Marylanders.”

Earlier this year AAMC’s Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute and The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center began the first clinical program affiliation by joining forces to expand clinical trial options for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Twenty-nine AAMC medical staff members specializing in cancer care are participating in the program, and physicians affiliated with both institutions already are involved in joint tumor conferences. The oncology collaboration provides patients with access to 230 therapeutic trials being conducted at Hopkins, in addition to the approximately 35 imaging, treatment, prevention, and surgical devices clinical trials at AAMC.

In addition to oncology, other program affiliations being discussed at this time are joint clinical programs in microvascular and pediatric surgery as well as neurosciences and cardiovascular services. The locations of satellite health centers also are being discussed. The concept is to place Hopkins physicians and physicians affiliated with AAMC at the centers, thus giving patients access to the finest physicians and systems in the region.The AAMC-Hopkins affiliation is managed by a joint planning group that will work together to explore and monitor the implementation of the various collaborative projects.

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