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AAMC Invests $30 Million in Community Benefits

(May 17, 2013)—Many people think of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) as a “community benefit.” And as a not-for-profit health care institution, it is. But federal and state regulations prompt AAMC, like all hospitals in the U.S., to provide and document even more, direct “community benefit” to the populations they serve.

This past year, AAMC contributed nearly $30 million in community benefit to Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas. This contribution comes in the form of charity care, prevention outreach, research, and education for those who have difficulty accessing care or have chronic needs.

“Caring for our community has always been part of our mission. By improving access to health services and enhancing the health of our community we hope to bring a better quality of life to our neighbors,” says Tori Bayless, AAMC’s president and CEO.

The community benefit impact for 2012 includes:

• Nearly 10,000 health screenings for vascular and other medical prevention

• Providing $6,430,100 in charity care for people in throughout the region

• Providing 2,638 hours in cancer prevention and smoking cessation counseling

• Providing 1,600 prenatal visits

• Providing free advice to nearly 50,000 people calling the nurse advice line

Click here to review detailed Community Benefit 2012 Investments

“Our community benefit activities take many forms, involve numerous partners and serve a variety of populations. Through collaborative efforts, we will continue to expand existing programs and initiate new ones, especially for the benefit of those most in need,” added Bayless.

Through a community needs assessment with community partners, AAMC is working to gain a better view of the health needs and resources in the communities. In partnership with families and community-based organizations, the hospital is using what has been learned to collaboratively address the most urgent needs. Most recently, AAMC announced its participation in the Annapolis Community Health Partnership as part of the new Maryland Health Enterprise Zone.

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