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Palliative Care: Top 5 Things to Know

This is National Hospice and Pallative Care month. Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about palliative care from Lou Lukas, MD, hospice and palliative medicine specialist at Anne Arundel Medical Center:

1. With a focus on symptom relief, palliative care is different from curative care—it’s treatment to help survive a disease.

2. Palliative care is different from hospice care. Hospice care is for patients who have determined that cure is no longer an option and have chosen not to pursue aggressive treatment.

3. Palliative care is useful for any stage of serious illness, including those in active treatment and can even help extend life.

4. Your palliative care team helps families create a plan to manage financial difficulties.

5. We can’t control how we enter this world. But we can make some big decisions about how we’d like to leave it.

Click here for more information about palliative care.

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