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AAMC Earns an Excellence Through Insight Award

Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) was recently recognized with an Excellence through Insight award for “Highest Community Perception of Quality” by HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTM). In addition, AAMC’s Spine Center was recognized for their overall inpatient satisfaction score.   

AAMC was awarded for making the commitment to measure and improve its brand and perception in the marketplace. Measuring consumer perceptions of quality allows AAMC to better understand the relationship between the hospital, patients and consumers. Factors that were measured include top-of-mind awareness, perception of quality, hospital preference, hospital use, and customer loyalty. Hospitals that score high in these areas exhibit stronger levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The AAMC Spine Center was recognized for its commitment to excellence in patient care. To qualify for this award, a hospital must have been a patient satisfaction-tracking client of HealthStream in 2011, scored in the 75th percentile or higher, and surveyed a minimum of 100 patients. AAMC’s Spine Center was chosen for receiving the highest ratings in inpatient surgical satisfaction from among HealthStream’s clients, as well as exceeding industry standards.

HealthStream CEO Robert A. Frist, Jr., said, “We applaud AAMC’s high-level commitment to excellence in healthcare—and we are pleased to recognize their achievement through our presentation of an Excellence through Insight award.”

About HealthStream
HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM) is a leading provider of research and learning solutions for the healthcare industry, transforming insight into action to deliver outcomes-based results for healthcare organizations. Through HealthStream’s learning solutions—which have been contracted by over 2.6 million hospital-based healthcare professionals—healthcare organizations create safer environments for patients, increase clinical competencies of their workforces, and facilitate the rapid transfer of the latest knowledge and technologies. Through our research products, executives from healthcare organizations gain valuable insight about patients’ experiences, workforce challenges, physician relations, and community perceptions of their services. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HealthStream has an additional office in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information about HealthStream’s learning and research solutions, visit or call us at 800-933-9293.

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