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Choosing Wisely

In 2013, AAMC actively began conversations within our community about Choosing Wisely. We talked to our governing board, physician community, employees and health care consumers about how this national movement developed by the ABIM Foundation should spread to Maryland. Our efforts have been recognized by Consumer Reports, ABIM Foundation and other groups.

What is Choosing Wisely?
Nationally recognized for linking more than 50 medical specialty societies, Choosing Wisely launched in an effort to ensure important conversations between patients and physicians happen so the right care is delivered at the right time.

A key premise: are test and procedures necessary or sometimes do they cause more harm?

By rallying leading medical specialties around evidence-based recommendations, an increasingly comprehensive set of recommendations are coming forward from physicians. Often created in a “five things” format, these easy-to-read discussion guides are helping patients and their caregivers make wiser decisions.

AAMC has highlighted many of the guidelines in our publications and other media, including an ongoing feature in our quarterly magazine.

Barry Meisenberg, MD, discusses Choosing Wisely, a national initiative to promote conversations between patients and their doctors about which tests and treatments are truly necessary.


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