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Information Regarding Fire Response in AAMC Clatanoff Pavilion

At approximately 6pm on July 23, 2012, smoke was reported to be coming from the third floor of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC)’s Clatanoff Pavilion on the Mother/Baby Unit.

Patients receiving care on the first, second and third floors of the Clatanoff Pavilion were safely relocated to alternative care locations throughout the hospital. These floors house the Women’s Surgical, Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby units. All patients are safe and continue to receive care.

AAMC continues to care for all laboring moms and any other patients who come to the hospital for care.

The fire department determined the source of the smoke was an electrical fire in a utility closet on the third floor of the Clatanoff Pavilion. It was contained within minutes after the smoke was reported.

The fire department worked to remove smoke and at approximately 11pm on July 23 gave AAMC the green light to return to the Clatanoff Pavilion to clean the building. As AAMC’s Environmental Services team completed cleaning and safety was ensured, patients were returned to their rooms over the next several hours.

There will be a residual smell of smoke in the building. We expect this to completely dissipate over the next day or so. The air quality has been tested and found to be safe.

During this incident, AAMC healthcare providers delivered babies and took care of patients in their temporary locations. We again thank everyone for their teamwork, support and understanding.

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