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AAMC Opens Multi-Disciplinary Surgical Clinic

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (August 21, 2012)— Baseball Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson joined internationally renowned surgeon Adrian Park, M.D., to cut the ribbon at the opening of a multi-disciplinary surgical clinic at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) on Monday. Dr. Park is the new chairman of AAMC’s Department of Surgery.

Dr. Park is one of the world’s leading minimally invasive surgeons. A pioneer, he has made major advances in laparoscopic procedures and developed new medical devices for complex hernia repair, spleen and adrenal surgery. With more than 20 patents, Dr. Park is continually advancing the field to make it less invasive, more efficient, and better for patients and surgeons.

At AAMC, Dr. Park is responsible for leading surgical services growth and fostering innovation and learning. He has authored 200 scientific articles and book chapters, and is co-editor in chief of the journal, Surgical Innovations. Through the Cleveland Clinic, he co-directs a monthly telecast, “Innovations in Surgery,” broadcast to top international medical centers, bringing together the world’s best surgeons to discuss new surgical techniques and issues.

Dr. Park specializes in minimally invasive treatment of complex hiatal hernias, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), achalasia (difficulty swallowing), surgery of the spleen and adrenal glands, and development and teaching of new techniques and technologies in endoscopic surgery.

His practice includes surgeons Igor Belyansky, M.D., Kevin L. Stitely, M.D., and Alex Gandsas, M.D., who specializes in weight loss surgery. For more information, visit

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