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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Now Offered

ANNAPOLIS, MD (September 11, 2012) — Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) now offers outpatient hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve the healing time of wounds caused by a broad range of conditions. The chambers are the largest available in the state, making treatment more comfortable for patients.

“Individuals who would benefit from this program include patients with complicated diabetic lower extremity ulcers, delayed effects of radiation therapy, chronic refractive osteomyelitis (bone infection) and compromised flaps and grafts,” says Anita Smith, RN, nurse manager of the Wound and Hyperbaric Center at AAMC. “Our medical staff now has this effective, advanced treatment option to complement our comprehensive wound healing program.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the body tissues by the patient’s blood. The increased presence of oxygen within the wound improves healing and tissue growth. “With most wounds, healing follows a relatively brief, predictable and uncomplicated course. But chronic wounds need specialized treatment,” adds Jim Chappell, M.D., medical director of the Wound and Hyperbaric Center.

The Wound and Hyperbaric Center, located in the Clatanoff Pavilion at AAMC, provides specially trained physicians and support staff to manage a comprehensive outpatient program. Contact the Center at 443-481-1073.

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