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Anne Arundel Medical Center is proud to offer patients and family members CaringBridge.

Create a free, personalized CaringBridge website

CaringBridge is a non-profit providing free websites that connect families and friends when someone is facing a significant health challenge. A CaringBridge website saves time and energy by centralizing communication and easing the burden of updating everyone during a health event.

CaringBridge can be used during all types of serious health events. Each website is unique – authors select their website design and add health updates and photos to share their story. Visitors leave messages of love and support in the guestbook.

CaringBridge connects a patient’s entire community, creating a network of support for everyone involved. It empowers love, compassion and healing by building a therapeutic connection that reduces isolation, relieves stress and improves quality of life.

Founded in 1997, CaringBridge’s mission is to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.

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