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Services and Centers

Auxiliary - Volunteers

(443) 481-5050

Birth Certificates, copies
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Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene

MD Dept. of Vital Records
(410) 764-3038

Blood Donor Center

(443) 481-4215

Breast Center

(443) 481-5300

Cancer Center

(443) 481-5800

Community Health and Wellness

(443) 481-5360

Diagnostics Scheduling

(443) 481-5000
(888) 909-XRAY

Domestic Violence Help

(443) 481-1209


(443) 481-4747
FAX: (443) 481-4749

Gift Shops
Beacon Boutique (Hospital Pavilion North, Level 1)
Portside Beacon (Hospital Pavilion South, Level 1)
Bayside Beacon (Belcher Pavilion, Level 2)
Flower Sales

(443) 481-5060

(443) 481-5634

(443) 481-6666

(443) 481-5060

Human Resources

(443) 481-1950
FAX: (443) 481-1951


(443) 481-4200

Medical Records, copies

(443) 481-4123

Medical Staff Office

(443) 481-4150

Outpatient Surgery

(443) 481-5700

AAMC Community Clinic

(410) 990-0050


(410) 573-5400

Patient Advocacy

(443) 481-4820

Patient Financial Services
Billing Info & Customer Service

(443) 481-6500

Patient Registration

(443) 481-4040


(443) 481-4900

Rehabilitation Services (Outpatient) Annapolis

(443) 481-1140
(301) 805-7004
(410) 729-4508
(410) 674-1650

Surgery Pre-Admission

(443) 481-1840

Weight Loss Surgery Program

(443) 924-2900

Women's Center for Pelvic Health

(443) 481-1199

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Centers and Services


Expanded Support for Family Members of People with Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Concerns

Alperovitz-Bichell Joins Anne Arundel Medical Group

Walk-in Clinic Opens in Annapolis Shoppers

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