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Urogenital fistulas

What is a urogenital fistula?

A urogenital fistula is a passage or hole that forms between the urinary and genital organs. Urogenital fistulas may result from an injury to the reproductive organs or the urinary system. Some of the most common types of urogenital fistulas form between the:

What are the symptoms?

How are urogenital fistulas diagnosed?

Your physician will most likely discuss your symptoms with you and ask about any surgery, trauma, or disease that could have caused the fistula. He or she will also perform a physical exam to look at your vaginal walls. You may have other tests as well, such as:

What treatment options are available?

Since urogenital fistulas are unnatural connections between two body parts, surgery is usually required to correct the condition. The Women's Center for Pelvic Health features an outstanding team of fellowship-trained urogynecologists with specialized knowledge and expertise to address this condition surgically and help patients regain their quality of life.

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