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AAMC Department of Surgery, Medical Student Rotations

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General Surgery

The General Surgery clerkship at AAMC offers exposure to a wide range of cases within the general surgery spectrum, with a special focus on advanced laparoscopic techniques. Cases that are commonly performed include laparoscopic ventral and inguinal hernia repairs, laparoscopic colon procedures and laparoscopic small bowel and stomach procedures. The program completes more advanced foregut procedures (hiatal hernia repairs, Heller myotomies, etcetera) than most programs throughout the country. In addition, there is the opportunity to be involved in advanced and complicated abdominal wall reconstructions, which are being performed both open and laparoscopically, on a weekly basis. There is also exposure to many advanced solid organ procedures such as hepatectomies and Whipples through rotations with the surgical oncologists. The surgeons also perform many of their own upper and lower endoscopies, providing exposure to surgical endoscopy techniques. In addition to the time in the operating room, students have the opportunity to participate in the preoperative evaluation and workup of many complicated patients through the surgery clinics, and postoperative care on the surgical ward. As an added bonus, students have unlimited access to a surgical simulation center to hone their own laparoscopic skills.

Bariatric Surgery

The Bariatric Surgery clerkship at AAMC is an opportunity to be involved in a very busy bariatric center and learn the preoperative, operative and postoperative challenges involved in caring for obese patients. Laparoscopic gastric bypasses and sleeve gastrectomies are the most commonly performed procedures, although the program also deals with complicated revisional bariatric surgery and management of bariatric surgery complications from patients in all postoperative stages. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the extensive dietary and medical counseling that occurs pre- and postoperatively, as well, through involvement in the bariatric clinic. They can also participate in our weekly bariatric seminars, which are very informative for both the patients and medical professionals just learning about the specifics of obesity medicine.

Orthopedic Surgery

The Orthopedic Surgery clerkship at AAMC is an opportunity to be involved in one of the busiest orthopedic centers in Maryland. There are numerous orthopedic surgeons operating every day at AAMC, with a very high volume of elective joint replacements of all types and attention to acute traumatic fractures when needed. The orthopedists at AAMC are also advanced in their techniques, with utilization of the latest technologic advances. This rotation will generally be structured as a mentorship with one or two orthopedic surgeons, so medical students can get in depth exposure to the particulars of a day to day practice in this field and benefit from the expertise of their mentors.

Thoracic Surgery

The Thoracic Surgery clerkship at AAMC is an excellent opportunity to observe and participate in all manner of thoracic surgery procedures. The experience ranges from endobronchial ultrasound to advanced lung resections, both through video assistance and open thoracotomy. The thoracic surgeons at AAMC also deal with mediastinal and esophageal disease on a regular basis. In addition to their time in the OR, students will also be exposed to the clinical side of thoracic surgery, including workup of thoracic disease and postoperative care and follow up.

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