Quality, Patient Safety and Healthcare Improvement
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Core Quality Measure Scores

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), along with its collaborators in the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA) and the nation's hospitals have worked together to create and publicly report hospital quality information.

The hospital quality measures on AAMC's web site show recommended care for some of the most common conditions that hospitals treat. Research has shown that these treatments provide the best results for most adults with those conditions. You will see some of the recommended care that an adult should get if being treated for a heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, or having surgery.

This information helps you, your health care provider, family, and friends compare the quality of care provided in the hospitals that agree to submit data. This quality information not only helps you make good decisions about your health care, but also encourages hospitals to improve the quality of health care they provide.

Core Measures
January-March 2013

Measure Performance Score
(% of occurrence)
Heart Failure
   Discharge Instructions 99%
   Left Ventricle (heart function) Assessment 99%
  ACE or ARB heart medication  prescribed at discharge 92%
   Blood Cultures within 24 hours  after arrival for patients transferred or admit to ICU 95%
   Emergency Department  blood culture prior to antibiotic 96%
   Appropriate initial antibiotic regimen 95%
Surgical Care Improvement Project
  Prophylactic Antibiotics initiated within 1 hour of surgical incision 97%
   Patient received recommended prophylactic antibiotics 97%
   Prophylactic antibiotics discontinued within 24 hours after anesthesia end time 97%
   Beta Blocker medication received during perioperative surgery time 95%
  Appropriate hair removal for surgery 100%
  Urinary Catheter removed within 2 days after surgery 96%
  Temperature management during surgery 98%
  Patient received blood clot prevention measures 98%
Acute Myocardial Infarction
   Aspirin given at arrival 100%
  Aspirin prescribed at discharge  98%
  ACE or ARB medication for heart function 100%
  Beta blocker medication at discharge  100%
  PCI (heart angioplasty) within 90 minutes of hospital arrival  96%
  Lipid lowering medication at discharge 98%
Children's Asthma Care
  Reliever Medication Administered 100%
  Steroid Medication Administered 100%
  Home Management Plan of Care (Asthma Care) 100%
Global Immunization
  Pneumonia Vaccination  94%
  Flu Vaccination (Given Oct 1- March 31st only) 97%
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