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AAMC Champion Stories


Barbara Cunningham, Patient AdvocateBarbara Cunningham

A disc containing a patient’s medical information was lost in transit, naturally causing the patient to become upset. Recognizing the patient’s frustration and worry, Patient Advocate Barbara Cunningham took it upon herself to find the missing disc. For hours, Barbara searched high and low to find the disc. She eventually located it for the patient, who was very relieved. Through providing excellent service, Barbara restored the patient’s faith in us. That’s why Barbara is our latest AAMC Champion.


Physical Therapists Erica O’Neil and Megan BurkartErica O'Neil and Megan Burkhart

Erica and Megan went above and beyond for a patient not only while he was receiving inpatient care for several months, but also through his discharge home. The patient was blind, did not speak English, was receiving intensive therapy and had just had his second leg amputation. Knowing he could not afford a special medical device called a sliding board that he would need in order to independently use a wheelchair, Erica went to a hardware store and built him one. Megan worked with the patient on strengthening exercises and personally tailored the program to him by creating an auditory Spanish version. The patient and his family were extremely grateful for what Erica and Megan did to prepare him for an independent life.


Jessica Thomas, Pasadena Primary CareJessica Thomas

Jessica takes the time every two weeks to help an illiterate patient with his medications. She calls the pharmacy to get his refills, separates his medications into day and night pills for two weeks at a time. She ensures that he takes his medications appropriately to keep him safe and to help him better manage his chronic medical conditions. The patient is so grateful that she takes the time to do this for him.

-Nominated by Jessica Parmer, MD, Pasadena Primary Care


Curtis Levere, Patient Information ServiceCurtis Levere

I would like to recognize Curtis for his quick response to a patient emergency. Curtis responded to a patient arriving at the Southport Eatery entrance. This patient was clutching his chest, drenched in sweat, nauseated, and moaning in pain. With no hesitation, Curtis flew into action, running to get a wheelchair for this gentleman clearly experiencing a medical emergency. The patient was placed in a wheelchair and whisked to the ER while we contacted the ER team to alert them the patient was on the way and what his symptoms were. The rest is magic as the patient was swiftly triaged and treated. Thanks to Curtis's swift actions, we were able to get the patient to the right area for the care he needed in the nick of time. We have all heard the saying time is muscle. In this case, time was not only muscle, but also a life that he helped save on that day. I think at one point, I believe I saw a superhero cape on Curtis's back as he flew down the hallway with the wheelchair.

-Nominated by Christine Frost, RN, senior nursing director, Acute Care Service


Colleen Brady, Materials ManagementColleen Brady

Colleen is our Supply Chain cheerleader which has strengthened the Supply Chain's family. Recently, a surgical supply was missing for a posted elective case. Colleen called the main UPS site to find out when the driver left the facility and what his route was… Colleen and another employee got in their car and drove the UPS route looking for the truck. They actually found the truck and flagged him down and got the package from him. Colleen then hand-delivered the device to the Edwards Surgical Pavilion staff. The surgery, although slightly delayed, proceeded with no harm to the patient. She knew the patient was a young child who was promised by her parents a trip to Rita's after surgery. Colleen obtained a stuffed bear and a Rita's gift certificate for the entire family.


Terri Taylor, FinanceTerri Taylor

Terri Taylor is an unsung hero. She works closely and diligently with department leaders regarding all things fi nance. She demonstrates patience, objectivity and true partnership. She exhibits a commitment to the organization's objective of delivering high-quality, low-cost care and works to understand individual department goals and needs. Terri handles multiple requests with a positive approach and goes above and beyond to meet customer requests. Because of her unassuming and quiet demeanor, her efforts often go unnoticed.

-Nominated by Jennifer Harrington, vice president, Support and Clinical Services

JULY 2015

Toni Schiller, RNToni Schiller

During a very busy day in the ER, Toni walked through and noticed a long line of ambos [ambulances], she grabbed a pair of gloves and started cleaning stretchers (while wearing business attire) and then asked “What can I do to help you all?” That small act of kindness made a huge difference. Thank you, Toni!

-Nominated by Karla Thornton, RN, staff nurse, Emergency Department

JUNE 2015

Juanita BathonJuanita Bathon

I have been admitted to Anne Arundel Medical Center on four separate occasions. I suffer with severe Crohn’s. I became very familiar with Juanita. Unfortunately, she was called to my room to clean up after me several times. She also cleaned my room daily. She was very thorough even wiping down all doorknobs and light switches. I was always very embarrassed and apologetic to her because of the “nasty” job she had in the bathroom that I had no control over. Juanita was always friendly, comforting, and professional. She always asked if there was anything else she could do for me and was very pleasant to my husband who was there most of the time. I know how important the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are; however, most of the time the support staff is overlooked for the important job they do. Juanita is an exemplary employee that should be commended for the excellent job she does, the energy she portrays on the job, and her personality which included a sense of humor which I needed daily.

-Nominated by a patient

MAY 2015

Michelle HarderMichelle Harder

Michelle Harder exemplifies the AAMC qualities of dedication and collaboration. Living Healthier Together is all about relationships. In the hospital, we focus on the one-to-one relationships with patients and families. Outside the hospital, we demonstrate sustainable and tangible value when we excel in one-to-many or many-to-many relationships, particularly when we improve the health of populations. Michelle “gets” that. A valuable team player, Michelle knows we cannot improve a population’s health until that population is recognized and understood. Where do they get their care, from whom, how often? Which health-related behaviors are distributed in what locations among which demographics? What disparities exist in the local delivery of healthcare as well as the outcomes of that care? How have our efforts improved outcomes for marginalized populations? Whether she is responding to an academic query or a “hair on fire, gotta know right now” question for a grant application or a visiting official, Michelle reacts with professionalism and something else: intellectual curiosity. Not only is she swift and reliable in her answers, she also demonstrates the initiative to go beyond the request. She offers a critical analysis of the data, its weaknesses and strengths and makes recommendations on supplemental sources… and then delivers them. Often within minutes. Her collaboration with colleagues beyond her own department and her steadfast dedication to finding the most accurate and revealing answers make Michelle integral to AAMC’s success. She helps guide us in the larger decisions that align AAMC’s vision with community needs, keeping us true to Living Healthier Together.

-Nominated by Patricia Czapp, MD, Clinical Integration

APRIL 2015

Jessica WillsJessica Wills

Belton “My mom came into the ER with severe chest pains. We were sent to the back immediately to get an EKG. We came into contact with Jessica. My mom was so scared. But Jessica calmed all of her fears. She came in with that big smile as she introduced herself ensuring us that everything was going to be OK. My mom is terrified of hospitals and was shaking very badly, which made it hard to get an EKG. But Jessica acted as if my mom was her relative and started talking to her while she held her hand. Her warm embrace helped to calm me down as well as my mom. She was very professional as she explained everything that was going to take place. The next month I had to make another two visits to AAMC with my dad who was admitted for a mental illness. I ran into Jessica again. She came to my dad’s room as she introduced herself as the patient sitter for my dad. Before I could leave my dad said, “I’m fine I have my Patient Companion here with me. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

-Nominated by a patient’s daughter

MARCH 2015

Anne HayesAnne Hayes

I was diagnosed with diabetes right before the holidays. I was angry, scared, worried and confused. Anne took the time to meet with me right before Christmas and calmed my fears, helped me understand what I needed to know to manage my diabetes, and what I could do to minimize its impact on my life. She is a very caring, compassionate person. The diabetes educator classes with her were fun and extremely helpful. She offers constant encouragement with patience and clarity. She helped me understand, manage and live with this diagnosis. Thanks Anne! You are the best!

-Nominated by Charlene Corbett, Patient Financial Services


Luis VargasLuis Vargas

I wish to commend Anne Arundel Diagnostics MRI technologist Luis Vargas for his exceptional patient care commitment and compassion and ability to immediately recognize a life-threatening MRI finding. A patient with critically severe spine stenosis from lung cancer metastasis was imaged at Anne Arundel Diagnostics Odenton office. Luis recognized the severity of the findings and we were able to notify the referring doctor, get the patient into a cervical collar and get her transported to the AAMC ER where she was admitted and immediately underwent surgery to stabilize her spine. Without Luis’ ability to quickly recognize and act on her abnormality, she may have gone on to suffer catastrophic cervical spinal cord complications.

-Nominated by Mark Radowich, MD, Anne Arundel Diagnostics Imaging


Adrienne Belton and Lucretia Jones, Pharmacists, Inpatient PharmacyAdrienne Belton Adrienne Belton

Belton Unbelievably amazing! Both ladies not only eased my mind on what I was going to be taking along with all the side effects. But more importantly they contacted my insurance company and when that wasn’t going to do the trick she called around to find out how I could afford my meds until I got a new insurance which would only be in a couple weeks. Done deal! They also made me a calendar to keep me straight when coming home times, what pills you needed to eat first with, everything to easy my mind! They’re awesome! Can’t thank them enough! Adrienne is the best ever along with Lucretia. Both ladies are the bomb!

-Nominated by a patient on the inpatient oncology unit

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