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Concussion Program

The AAMC concussion program provides an integrated approach to the diagnoses and treatment of brain injuries to patients of all ages. Learn more from our recent podcast. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates with families, providers, employers, nursing homes, and social workers to help you recover quickly.

Concussion is a Mild Brain Injury

A concussion is a brain injury that follows trauma. Full recovery from these injuries is possible with proper treatment. However, multiple concussions may mean longer recovery times, lingering symptoms and lifelong physical, cognitive and psychological problems.

Concussion Symptoms



Emotional and Mood

Sleep Disturbance

Baseline Testing

We provide computer-based neurocognitive baseline testing to athletes, laborers and other people at risk for concussions. Once completed, results will be stored in our records. If you sustain a head injury, we will compare new test results with your baseline to determine if a concussion has been sustained.

Recovery Plan

If a concussion is suspected, our team will:

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