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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

AAMC's Inpatient Rehabilitation specialists offer our patients a full range of services designed to help them move along the continuum of care towards discharge and independence. Our physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology rehabilitation services are provided by a staff of expert clinicians who care for patients with a variety of issues in the areas of Orthopaedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Oncology, Gerontology and Pediatrics, among many others.

While in the Hospital

Inpatient Rehabilitation services will be ordered by your physician or surgeon as needed during your hospital stay. Inpatient therapists evaluate patients at the bedside to determine treatment needs. Physical and occupational therapists instruct patients in safe, functional mobility and enhance patients' ability to perform activities of daily living. Speech language pathologists assess swallowing capability and make diet recommendations, as well as treat speech, language and memory impairments.

After Discharge

Our inpatient therapists also assist with making recommendations about rehabilitative care options that patients may need after their hospital stay. Recommendations may include outpatient therapy, home health care, or inpatient rehabilitation at a subacute or acute rehabilitation facility.

To understand the benefits of therapy and the different types available, our therapists suggest:

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