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Speech Language Pathology Rehabilitation Services

AAMC's Speech-language Pathologists treat children and adults with problems communicating or swallowing. We offer specialized Pediatric services for infants and children.

Conditions We Treat


Our Team Approach

We collaborate with your entire health team of physicians and providers to help you achieve the best possible results. If your doctor recommends occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or you are enrolled in the Cancer Rehabilitation program we can coordinate these services so it is convenient for you.

Head and Neck Cancer

Our Speech-language therapists treat individuals with cancer of the face, jaw, tongue and/or throat. These patients may be experiencing reduced jaw opening (trismus), impaired speech pronunciation (dysarthria), impaired voice quality (dysphonia), and/or impaired swallowing (dysphagia).

Voice Disorders

Individuals with impaired vocal quality, pitch, strength, volume and vocal fatigue can be helped with Speech-language therapy. Our Speech-language Pathologists analyze each patient's voice as well as lifestyle factors and provide an individualized treatment plan using biofeedback, compensatory strategies, and vocal exercises to restore/enhance the client's voice. We serve those with a diagnosis of

Swallowing Disorders

AAMC's Speech-language therapists can improve an individual's ability to swallow. We teach you specific exercises and special strategies to use to make swallowing as safe as possible. Your care is also coordinated with dieticians to maintain adequate nutrition and hydration. Impaired oral and pharyngeal swallowing problems (dysphagia) are often present with neurological disorders and head and neck cancers. We provide Speech-language therapy to help patients experiencing:

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