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Stroke Rehabilitation Services


Our physical therapists work with stroke patients to help restore impaired motor and sensory function. They assess patients' strength, endurance, range of motion and other areas requiring rehabilitation, and develop individualized programs to aid patients in regaining the use of stroke-impaired limbs and improving balance and coordination.

AAMC occupational therapists help patients relearn skills necessary for daily life, such as personal grooming, household tasks, and job-related duties. They may also aid patients in developing strategies to compensate for changes in their motor and sensory abilities, and advise them about safety devices like grab bars that they can add to their living space.

Our speech-language pathologists help patients regain optimal communication abilities. They assess each person's specific impairments, and work with them to enhance speech pronunciation, voice quality and volume, word finding abilities, and comprehension of spoken language. Communication skills governed by cognitive processes like short term-memory and concentration are also treated.

In addition to communication difficulties, some of our patients also need assistance with swallowing, and our speech-language pathologists work to establish specific strategies and exercises to help restore the ability to eat and drink safely.

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