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Women's Health Rehabilitation Services

AAMC's Women's Health Rehabilitation team specializes in caring for women who are experiencing issues related to pelvic pain
Nearly every movement and position of the human body depends on the pelvis It plays a role in sexual function, supports and protects internal organs, and controls bladder and bowel functions Proper activity and balance between all of the muscles, joints, and tissues of the pelvis are essential for normal pain-free function.

A Women's Health Physical Therapist

AAMC's women's health physical therapists are specially trained to evaluate, assess and prescribe individual treatment plans to improve and manage pelvic symptoms and issues Our goal is to ensure your wellness and dignity

Pelvic Disorders

Women experience pelvic pain in many ways Intercourse may be painful or impossible Sitting, walking, wearing jeans or underwear may be painful A pelvic exam may not be possible because of pain Pelvic pain can be felt in the abdomen, lower back, and the hips and sometimes can result in painful menstruation.

Conditions We Treat

Treatments We Provide

Our therapists can help resolve incontinence and pelvic pain by designing a program just for you. Treatment options can include but are not limited to the following:


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