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Respiratory Services at Anne Arundel Medical Center

Respiratory Services at Anne Arundel Medical Center are an integral part of care in nearly every department — from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to the OR, to the Critical Care Unit, to the Emergency Department, to the Med-Surg Unit. The hospital employs 37 highly qualified respiratory therapists who also assist patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that includes asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, viral infections, pneumonia, neonatal problems, lung tumors, TB and other lung related diseases. Approximately 15 percent of the respiratory patients are premature babies. Pediatrics makes up about 20 percent, and adults and geriatrics about 65 percent of patients.

In addition to taking care of inpatients, AAMC has outpatient programs that include Pulmonary Rehab Program Phase 2 and 3, a sleep apnea center, Broncho Junction, which is a summer camp for children who suffer from asthma, and an excellent pulmonary function lab.