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Nervous and excited

As any new mother, I was scared, nervous and excited, but Jennifer Wallace came into my room during pre-op and put my mind at ease. She answers all my questions and took the time to explain what was going to happen each step of the way. Much to my surprise, Jennifer also stopped by my rom the day after delivery to check on me. Her smile, warmth and presence were exactly what I needed. I know how busy AAMC is and the fact that Jennifer took the few moments out of her busy schedule meant a lot to me and my husband. -- Thankful new mom
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Happy and healthy

As first time parents, we were obviously anxious about what labor would bring, and worried about mother and baby making it through the process happy and healthy. Prior to choosing AAMC, we only heard praise from other parents about how great their experience was. Those expectations were not only met, but also great exceeded in the loving care we received. Words can't express our gratitude. We'd especially thank Barb, Kathleen and Beth for their gentle and loving care.
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Extolling ER

I wanted to write and send my praise to your extremely professional and competent staff. I came into your Emergency Room with significant chest pains and problems breathing. Within three minutes, the ER staff had taken me back to be examined. Nothing looked too serious at first glance. But after imaging tests and blood work, it turned out to be two significant problems. Your doctors took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions (of which I had many). They are an exemplar for all other hospitals to follow.  -- Jason, Odenton
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Thoroughly impressed

I had a short stay under the care of a great surgeon, Dr. (John) Martin and your staff of nurses. One of those nurses, Melissa Ascione, really impressed me with her professionalism, knowledge, kindness, patience and ability to communicate and answer questions.
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Never anxious

I was admitted to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab to receive a cardioversion procedure. Not a major event I know, but a new and unknown experience for me. Everyone was friendly and professional. I never felt anxious or uncomfortable. There was a real feeling of everyone being concerned about my comfort. The procedure worked for me on the first push of the button. Thank you Maryann and everyone else who cared for me. I'll continue to sing my praises of AAMC. -- Long-time fan, Stevensville
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Hurricane survivor

During Hurricane Irene we lost power and after our generator failed, my wife needed her oxygen and nebulizer. I had no idea where to turn, so I took her to the ER. I explained and situation and stated that all we need was a source of power. The nurse on duty, Pillar, took charge of us. She found us a room, gave us blankets and asked if we needed anything else. Thanks for coming to the rescue.
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Uplifted by positive spirits

I would like to call your attention to a most outstanding nurse, Anna Drapalski, who was of such kind assistance during my hospital stay for breast cancer. Anna always walked in my room with a big smile and a very happy, upbeat and genuine attitude. It made me feel better immediately, as it lifted my spirits even throughout much pain. Her attitude brightened my day and encouraged me to face the challenges ahead of me in a positive fashion. Both of my sisters were equally blown away by her guidance.
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