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Nonsurgical Options

Our spine doctors prefer to treat back and neck pain conservatively. Nonsurgical options treat the entire range of spinal conditions, including neck pain, back pain and nerve pain.

We recommend nonsurgical options first to see if the body can heal with time, rest and in most cases medication and physical therapy.

Nonsurgical Options to Treat Neck and Back Pain

Our spine doctors may recommend the following nonsurgical options:

Our doctors may also recommend visiting the:

Our Approach to Treating Neck and Back Pain

In most cases, our first approach is to treat your neck and back pain with nonsurgical options. We follow evidence-based guidelines in terms of timing to treat using nonsurgical options. This means our clinical decisions are based on the most advanced research on spinal conditions and treatments.

We typically recommend a course of therapy for four to six week of conservative treatments.  After that time, if you are not feeling better, our spinal team may recommend interventional treatment or spine surgery.