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For Patients and Families

More than 200,000 people undergo spine surgery each year in the U.S. Most have pain that they no longer wish to tolerate. Many suffer from nerve compres­sion, which may produce numbness, tingling or weakness. Surgery aims to relieve pain, restore independence, and return you to work or daily activities quickly.

With minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, many patients may be able to walk or even go home the day of surgery.

Generally, patients can return to sedentary jobs and activities in three to four weeks, and vigorous physical activities in six to twelve weeks. Patients undergoing more complicated operations, such as a spinal fusion, may require three to six months to return to full activities.

Are you a Surgical Patient?

If your surgeon has recommended spine surgery, you should know that all patients undergoing surgery are encouraged to take a special class to learn about the surgery, how to prepare and what to expect at the hospital. A dedicated Spine Surgery Program Coordinator who will serve as your patient navigator to help you throughout the process.

Recovery after Surgery

For some spinal surgery patients, a single overnight hospital stay is enough. Following surgery, you will be up and around on the first day. 

From day one, you will work toward wellness by moving your body, which prevents complications. The spine team will guide you in deep breathing to keep your lungs healthy and you will wear special stockings to reduce the risk of blood clots. Staff will have you up and walking as soon as possible.

Our dedicated team of pain management nurse practitioners and doctors will work together on post-operative pain and pain management plan for you. 

If you undergo a more complicated operation, such as spinal fusion of the lower back, you will stay in the hospital for approximately two days. Lumbar fusion patients often wear a supportive brace for a certain period of time determined by their surgeon. You may also need more time to resume normal activities at home.


Group support is essential. The Spine Surgery Center puts you and your family at the center of our team. We recommend you select a coach – a family member or friend who encourages you and helps you along the way. Together, we get you moving on your way to recovery, teaching you specific exercises that will support healing