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Patient Testimonials

Our patients always comment on the amazing healthcare experience we provide.  That’s why we’ve won the National Healthstream Award for Inpatient Satisfaction for the past three years.

Here's what our patients say:

Nursing Care during Spinal Surgery

“I have been in a lot of hospitals with my daughter and you have the best nursing staff in Maryland.”

“My day nurse was great. She made me laugh and lifted my spirits.”

“The nurses treated me as though I was their only patient.”

“My nurse was so attentive. Everyone was wonderful.”

“My nurse went out of her way to make me comfortable.”

Quality of Therapy

“The therapist took me to the bathroom and showed me how I could clean without breaking my spine precautions after surgery.”

“I told everyone at physical therapy that it was the greatest hospital experience I ever had.”

General Comments

“All were very professional and respectful. It was a fabulous experience.”

“Everyone was tops. There was always smiles and courtesy.”

“AAMC is a class act. Everyone was great.”

“I had amazing care. Everyone went above and beyond.”

“Best hospital food I ever had. I looked forward to the next meal.”

“Everyone went above and beyond. All of the staff, even down to the security guard were excellent. My wife and I still talk about how great the care was.”

“It was the quietest hospital I have ever been to.”

“My room was very clean.”